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Notes & credits

The tide gauge data on this site are collected from multiple sources, including the NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services, and PSMSL [Holgate et al., 2013; PSMSL, 2016].

These spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel HTML format. They can be viewed as web pages, but they can also be loaded directly by Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

They can also be loaded by Kingsoft Spreadsheets, which is part of "KingsSoft WPS Office," a free "Office Suite" similar to Microsoft Office.
Note #1: The best version of Kingsoft Office Free Edition for U.S. users is probably either version or perhaps this newer version. (Unfortunately, the newest version adds obnoxious "watermarks" when printing or creating pdf files.)
Note #2: if you use Kingsoft Spreadsheets, you might find that formatting of the sea-level data spreadsheets is improved by opening, saving, closing, and reopening them. I don't know why.
Note #3: when you install some versions of Kingsoft WPS Office under Windows, there might be an option to also install "Kingsoft Antivirus," or perhaps some other unwanted software. If so, I recommend that you un-check the checkbox. Or, if you forget to uncheck the checkbox, look under All Programs to find the "Kingsoft Antivirus" folder, which contains a link to uninstall it.

Although these spreadsheets can also be loaded by LibreOffice or OpenOffice Calc, those programs apparently do not support formulas in html format, so the formulas will be lost.

ZoHo and Calligra do not support .html spreadsheet files at all. (There are also some other Office Suites that I've not tested.)

The “Holgate-9” list is from SJ Holgate, 2007.

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