2019-12-05 letter from Dave Burton to attendees at the Ruth Pauley Lecture by Prof. Michael E. Mann in Southern Pines, NC

This is the web-view of the letter from Dave (with links):

This is the printable version of the letter from Dave (the one I probably gave you just before or after the 12/5/2019 Southern Pines lecture by Prof. Michael E. Mann):

January 7, 2020 UPDATE — Tomorrow's edition of The Pilot newspaper will include my guest op-ed column about Prof. Mann's misleading presentation. Here's a copy of the article with hyperlinked references added:

Unfortunately, many of Prof. Mann's claims during his lecture were highly misleading. Here's a list of high-quality resources where you can learn more about what the best scientific evidence really shows about climate change:
That list includes:
 •  accurate introductory climatology information
 •  in-depth science from BOTH skeptics & alarmists
 •  links to balanced debates between experts on BOTH sides
 •  info about climate impacts
 •  links to several of the best blogs on BOTH sides

Here's the straight scoop about the Climategate scandal, to which Prof. Mann alluded (though not by name), and which he falsely suggested was much ado about nothing:

For a deeper treatment, I can recommend this article by "M&M" (Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, the team of scientists who famously "busted Mann's hockey stick"):

This is the infamous spliced “hockey stick” graph, in which Dr. Phil Jones used “Mike's Nature Trick” to “hide the decline” in temperature proxies:
Mann-Jones hockey stick Mann-Jones hockey stick splice points (rounded, to hide the splices)

The “Mike” of “Mike's Nature Trick” was Prof. Michael E. Mann. Those revelations were deeply shocking to me, and to many other scientists. One of them, Canadian Prof. Tim Ball, wrote that Mann belonged in the “state pen, not Penn State.” Mann recently lost a defamation lawsuit against Prof. Ball, which he had filed because of that remark.

These were among the other false claims Prof. Mann made during his Ruth Pauley Lecture:
Almost as bad as Prof. Mann's false claims about damage from CO2 was his complete failure to mention the benefits of rising CO2 levels: