Obama's fictionalized personal history

Barack Obama has a long history of fictionalizing his own past. Examples:

● He invented a fictional Kenyan birthplace for the bio which he gave his book publicists, presumably to make his personal history seem more interesting (since he was pitching a proposed biography)
Obama bio claiming he was born in Kenya

● He created for himself a fictional professorship of Constitutional Law, when he was actually a mere lecturer:

● He invented fictional arguments which his dying mother never actually had with health insurance companies, over paying for her medical care:

● He rewrote his step-grandfather's death in a household fall as being shot by Dutch soldiers in the struggle for Indonesian independence, and he invented mythical detainment and torture by the British for his Kenyan grandfather:

● He fictionalized his 1980s low-paying newsletter editing job into a high-powered “consulting” job, with secretaries he never had, and mythical “interview[s] with Japanese financiers [and] German bond traders.”

That dishonesty even raised eyebrows at the New York Times, before his Democratic Presidential nomination immunized him from criticism from that hyper-partisan quarter. This 2007 New York Times article predates their paywall, but you might need to disable javascript to get the link to work:
Here's a saved copy: