Impostor impersonated Dave Burton on WUWT, 8/2018 - 1/2019

JULY, 2018:

Apparently the impostor first impersonated Ralph Dave Westfall. Ralph noticed him in July:

Ralph was on to him, so perhaps that's why the following month the impostor switched to impersonating me.

AUGUST, 2018:

The earliest cases I found of the impostor impersonating me were in August, 2018, and for those comments the impostor entered MY web site as his web site: (to Andy May and/or Anthony Watts) (to Tom Abbot) (to Andy May) (to David Middleton)

After August he ceased bothering to enter my website as his website, when impersonating me.

SEPTEMBER, 2018: (to John Tillman) (to John Tillman) (to John Tillman) (to Bryan A) (to Bryan A) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to Smart Rock) (to Smart Rock) (to RACookPE1978 and perhaps Brooks Hurd) (to TonyL) (to TonyL) (to TonyL) (to TonyL) (to Jeff Alberts) (to MarkW) (to MarkW) (to MarkW) (to RACookPE1978 and MarkW) (to Writing Observer) (to MarkW) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to RACookPE1978) (to TonyL) (to TonyL) (to Red94ViperRT10 and RACookPE1978)

OCTOBER, 2018: (to David Middleton) (impostor comment was addressed to to Allan MacRae -- but the other comment on that article by "Dave Burton" really was by me. This appears to be the only case in which the impostor and I both commented on the same article.)

NOVEMBER, 2018: (to Kip Hansen) (to Kip Hansen) (to Kip Hansen) (to Alan MacRae) (to Tom Halla) (to commieBob) (to MarkW) (to Jeff Alberts) (relatively innocuous, but not written by me) (to Steve Mosher, bashing Pat Frank) (to Mike Jonas) (to Steve Reynolds) (to Willis Eschenbach) (to Steve Heins) (to Clyde Spencer) (to Andy May) (to Andy May) (to Willis Eschenbach) (to Willis Eschenbach) (to Trebla) (just one comment on this article, and it is uncharacteristically innocuous, but I didn't write it)


It appears that in December the mods got wise to him. They apparently deleted a comment by the impostor impersonating me, in late December, but quoted by RACookPE1978, here:

...and another one the next day, to which ShanghaiDan replied here:

JANUARY, 2019:

This is my comment (in January) where I finally noticed the impostor, though I didn't at first realize it was malicious; the mods deleted his comments:

and this is when the mods told me how it was being handled:

...and, ever since, WUWT has moderated my comments, to filter out the forgeries:

That's all I've found on WUWT, though I might have missed a few.

So, if "Dave Burton" offended you with obnoxious remarks on WUWT between about August, 2018, and January, 2019, please forgive me, because that was not me.

Also, what appears to be the same person has been posting as "Dave Burton" (Disqus ID DaveBurton72) on, and probably other places, also since July 2018. That's not me, either.
I'm "Dave Burton" (Disqus ID DaveBurton2) there, with a photo next to my name: