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Saturday, 1 December 2012

SpotlightON - John Anthony O'Sullivan's Curricula Vitae and Profile Claims

" .. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on .. The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is .. ”
Winston Churchill

"The struggle for truth continues"
John Anthony O'Sullivan, 2nd November 2011

" .. O’Sullivan is an egregious fantasist .. "
Gareth Renowden, 4th December 2012

There are numerous John O'Sullivan's in the world, from internationally respected scientists, lawyers, sports personalities and journalists to little-known men-in-the-street. This article places in the spotlight the John Anthony O'Sullivan who was born in February 1961 and bred in Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire, U.K. It attempts to ascertain whether or not the claims that he has made concerning his education, training, experience and achievements are authentic.

The article  supplements the information provided in "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd", sub-section 3.2 Co-Founder "CEO and Legal Consultant" John Anthony O'Sullivan
( That sub-section began by spotlighting John O'Sullivan's numerous web-profiles in which he made questionable claims such as :
- being an accredited academic teaching/lecturing for 20+ years in the east of England,
- lecturing at the University of Northampton from 1987 to 1999,
- litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit,
- publishing over 150 major articles worldwide.

Around the 6th May 2011 John O'Sullivan posted a comment on the LinkedIN "Science and Technology Media Professionals" group forum accusing science journalists of censoring science (see Appendix C, sub-section C13.2). Retired USA investigative journalist Andrew Skolnick was one of those who rejected his accusation and began enquiring into the questionable claims that John O'Sullivan was making about himself. The investigations undertaken by Andrew Skolnick are referenced in the article "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd".

John O'Sullivan chose to ignore challenges during 2011 to be open and transparent about his academic and professional training and experience (e.g. see et seq.). Instead he simply make reference to his numerous web-profiles. His E-mail of 29th September 2011 included " .. Andrew Skolnick .. began his personal tirade against me around May 2011 on the LinkedIn website when I mentioned .. that I was appointed as a consultant to Canadian Law firm, Pearlman Lindholm .. in none of Skolnick’s slurs does he provide any web links for verification of his claims. Readers are asked to take his invective at face value. I do not see any need to repeatedly deign to reply to such unsubstantiated smears .. despite Skolnick’s claims to the contrary, I do not conceal my history .. I openly publish my educational and professional background on my ‘bio’ page on the ‘LinkedIn’ website .. " (

His LinkedIn profile on that date included the misleading claims:
- to have been a Lecturer at the University of Northampton from September 1987 – August 1999, refuted by the University in November 2012 and
- to have been engaged by Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm as Legal Consultant from April 2011, refuted by 
Michael Scherr, the owner of Pearlman Lindholm, in November 2011.

This article focuses on John O'Sullivan's education, training and experience based upon his Web-profile claims, his 2010 CV and enquiries of close associates of John O'Sullivan's. It attempts to provide the transparency from which John O'Sullivan shied and the verification that he claimed Andrew Skolnick had not provided to support his "slurs".


1.0 Introduction
2.0 John O'Sullivan's 2010 CV
3.0 John O'Sullivan's Web-Profiles
4.0 John O'Sullivan's "Factual" Novels

A - "So You Want To Be A Journalist In South Wales?"
B - "You are not a lawyer .. I am"
C - A Selection of Published Profiles
D - Country of Residence
E - Lies, More Lies and Exaggerations?
F - Skolnick E-mails Ball about 'Lawyer' O'Sullivan


This particular John Anthony O'Sullivan appears to be best recognised internationally for his:
- controversial involvement in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) debate and
- questionable claims to being a successful litigator in the UK and USA.

The entry in the International O'Sullivan Clan "Hall of Fame" (typical of his numerous Internet profiles) says of him QUOTE: ..

John O'Sullivan Global Warming
John O'Sullivan, Global Warming Debunker
The world's leading global warming theory debunker is an O'Sullivan

Science writer and legal analyst specializing in anti-corruption, John O'Sullivan was born in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents in 1961. As an accredited academic, John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England as well as successfully litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit.

A successful year, 2010 saw John establish himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory (Google)

As an analytical commentator, O'Sullivan has published over 150 major articles worldwide. In the U.S. his work features in the 'National Review,’ America's most popular and influential magazine for Republican/conservative news. Among other internationally esteemed publications he has appeared in 'China Daily,' the Number One English portal in China, as well as 'India Times,' the prime source of business news in India.

As a direct consequence of controversial revelations in his ‘Satellite-gate’ article the U.S. Government swiftly removed a degraded orbital space satellite from service

A couple of entries above that for John Anthony O'Sullivan is an entry for THE John O'Sullivan CBE whose articles have indeed FEATURED in the "National Review" ( - see also ).

Those same impressive (albeit questionable) "Hall of Fame" claims are made by John Anthony O'Sullivan himself, e.g in his profile on which he joined in 2007 (see Appendix C, sub-section C4.1). Similar claims have been made on his numerous other Internet profiles (see Section 3.0) and have been repeatedly challenged by international commentators since 2011. 

The "Hall of Fame" claim that he is a " .. Global Warming Debunker" is rendered unconvincing by John O'Sullivan's 2010 acknowledgement " .. I have no scientific background .. " (see Appendix A). Other claims that he has made about himself are rendered equally unconvincing by evidence discussed herein.


On the 15th March 2010 John O'Sullivan posted an article "So You Want to Be a Journalist in South Wales?" (see Appendix A). This included his application for a position as Feature Writer with WalesOnline, extracts being " .. Since settling in South Wales last Summer I have sought a post in the established mainstream media where I aim to secure a foothold for myself in my newly chosen career .. Please find attached an up to date C.V. .. ".

No copy of that CV was provided with the article, however, on the 29th June 2012 John O'Sullivan's estranged second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan sent photographs of a 2-page CV, transcribed in sub-section 2.1 and discussed in sub-section 2.2 and elsewhere.

It appears that the CV was submitted along with John O'Sullivan's March 2010 job application to (see Appendix A).

2.1 Transcript of John O’Sullivan’s CV, with Notes

References highlighted in red within the CV are to comments presented in sub-section 2.2 or elsewhere which have been added to provide further relevant information mainly relating to questionable or specious claims made by John O'Sullivan not only in this CV but also in his web-profiles, discussed in Section 3.

Page 1

Curriculum Vitae (See 2.2.1)


John O’Sullivan
...... Neath, W. Glamorgan, SA10  ...
(See Appendix D)
  Tel: 01792 .....

Email: john0sullivan@.....



Feature Writer: Law journalism


I have over 60 published articles word-wide related to legal issues of corrupt practice amongst government climate scientists. Most noticeably my commentary and legal analysis features in the “National Review,” America’s most popular an influential magazine for political news, commentary and opinion.

Other prominent credits includes my legal analysis of the “Climategate” controversy published in ‘China Daily.’ The Number One English portal in China, as well as ‘India Times,’ the prime source of business news in India.

EDUCATION: (See 2.2.3)

State University of New York (SUNY), Batchelor’s Degree in International and Comparative Law (2004-2007); (See

Leicester University, UK (1995-2000) Doctoral Degree in Education Management and Leadership (combined M.Phil.); (See

Brighton Polytechnic, UK (1985-7): Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE);

West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK (1981-84): Batchelors First Degree: Fine Art and Art History;

Alfred Sutton Boys’ School (1972-80): 3 ‘A’ Levels (English, History, Art); 8 O-levels.

(See also sub-section FOOTNOTE)

2005-present: Freelance Writer and Legal Analyst (New York and UK); (See 2.2.2 and 2.2.4)

2004-present: Legal Commentator and Advocate in the New York State Supreme Court and US Federal Court (2nd Circuit); (See and Appendix C, sub-section C9.2)

2004-2007: Substitute and Home School Teacher, Delaware Co. New York State; (See

2000-2004: School Teacher (p/t) for Suffolk and Norfolk LEA’s; (See 2.2.5 and

1998-2000: School Teacher (p/t) Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft, Suffolk; (See 2.2.5, and 2.2.5c)

1993-97: School Teacher (f/t): Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham, Suffolk; (See 2.2.5 and

1985-93: School Teacher (f/t): Robert Smythe Upper School, Market Harborough, Leics. (See 2.2.5 and 2.2.6)

Page 2


Experienced legal advocate in New York Human Rights laws, Mandamus petitions, appeals, NYS employment law, civil and criminal.

I have successfully progressed a human rights employment case through the New York State courts and the United States Federal Court (2nd Division)


Author (See 2.2.2) of two factual novels concerning government corruption and malfeasance of public office (Section 4).

Arts and culture, law, sport, politics, environment, science


Mark Fleming, former employer Mark (See 2.2.7)
James Delingpole, Daily Telegraph (See 2.2.8)

Personal Referee: Sean Scahill (See 2.2.9)


2.2 Related Information

2.2.1 General Background

On the 22nd June 2012 John O'Sullivan's estranged wife contacted Andrew Skolnick and me. She was enquiring about the John O'Sullivan who was being discussed on the "Climate, etc" blog of Georgia Tech. Professor Judith Curry ( her 15th October 2011 article "Letter to the Dragon Slayers" (

More on that article and the ensuing comments can be found in the article "Professor Judith Curry threatened with blog closure attempt"
(, covering John O'Sullivan's unfounded allegations of libel against her, Andrew Skolnick and me.

In her E-mail Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan advised " .. Just recently .. I came across a lengthy blog by Judith Curry where you both address .. a character you call John O'Sullivan .. there is a possibility that the John O'Sullivan you make reference to is the same John O'Sullivan I am married to .. Johnny O talking the same old talk but now its in writing for the whole world to see...  after reading the blog .. I had a read of Andrews affidavit to the Supreme Court of British Columbia ...... I would  like make contact again to have a meeting of the minds .. ".

The affidavit to which she referred was the 180-page submission made by Andrew Skolnick on the 17th April 2012 to the Supreme Court of British Columbia. That related to the defamation action taken by Professor Michael Mann against Dr. Tim Ball (see
and and focussed on John O'Sullivan.

On 15th October 2011 CACC sceptic Stephen Mosher (, responding to one of Andrew Skolnick's comments, said (in reference to John O'Sullivan's profile claims to litigating in the Mann v Ball case - see  sub-section 3.2.4) " .. Thank you for your devotion to this. Ball, any human being, (e)very human being, deserves better than O’Sullivan. He harmed Ball’s case, he harmed Ball. Please keep up the good fight against O’Sullivan .. " ( This is pertinent to this article because some of John O'Sullivan's profiles included questionable claims about his involvement in that case.

The CV discussed here has been transcribed from the photographs attached to Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan's E-mail of 29th June 2012

2.2.2 Questionable Achievements

Since writing his CV John O'Sullivan's claim about published articles quickly stretched from " .. over 60 published articles worldwide .. " in March 2010 to " .. over 150 major articles worldwide .. " (bold added) in June 2010 (see Appendix C, sub-section C9.1). Such extravagant claims about his achievements as an author/writer came under close scrutiny following his May 2011 question "Has Global Warming Propaganda Killed Science Journalism?" (see Appendix C, sub-section C13.2).

In his 4th July 2011 article "So Many Lies and the Liar Who Tells Them", New Zealand fruit farmer and blogger Gareth Renowden, a staunch supporter of the CACC hypothesis, commented " .. 'Sky Dragon' John O’Sullivan has never had any article, major or otherwise, published in National Review or Forbes. National Review does have a writer called John O’Sullivan — a prominent and respectable British conservative columnist who acts as their Editor-at-Large. 
Pressed to confirm his status as a writer for National Review, Sky Dragon O’Sullivan posted links to two articles written by the other John. Tasked with this apparent theft of another’s reputation, he resorted to bluster and attempts to change the subject .. For O’Sullivan, “featuring” in China Daily means having someone post one of your articles in a discussion forum. The same is true for The India Times .. " (

NB: Neither of the links provided by Gareth Renowden in his note 3 lead to the two articles however, the first one is available at

Gareth Renowden's claim that John O'Sullivan's commentary was simply reposted on the China Daily discussion forum is substantiated by the following:
- 2009-12-31 "Global warming, history's biggest scam. German Physicists Trash Global Warming 'Theory'"
- 2010-13-08 "US Government in Massive New Global Warming " (,
- 2011-11-10 "Canada Bar Association Rules ‘No Misconduct’ by Tim Ball’s Legal Team"
( and
- 2011-11-22 "CLIMATEGATE 2 Sensational Email Release: Durban Conference Derailed"
posted by blogger sansukong, who was subsequently banned from the forum (

Following Professor Judith Curry's "letter to the dragon slayers" blog article Andrew Skolnick posted screen shots of the relevant comments and discussed John O'Sullivan's claims (see He concluded " .. In summary, he’s a complete humbug .. ".

In his 4th December 2012 article "Leyland Joins The Über Cranks: Signs Up With Serial Liar O'Sullivan's Vanity 'Science Group'" Gareth Renowden commented " .. O’Sullivan is an egregious fantasist, and it’s a mystery to me that he is still regarded as credible by anyone on the sceptic side of this issue .. "( ).

2.2.3 Education

Several of John O'Sullivan's claims about his education conflict with equivalent claims made in his various profile entries and blog comments as well as with what some previously close associates of his have said.

Although John O'Sullivan claimed in his 2010 CV to have studied Law through SUNY during 2004-2007, his estranged wife, who has lived in New York State most of her life, said in E-mails on the 28th/29th June and 10th/11th July 2012 2012 that " .. I only lived here in Delhi New York with John during the first year of our marriage . As soon as immigration allowed him leave he did so. He has never been here or lived in New York since .. John came over just after x-mas and we .. married on the 1st of January 1998 .. in Andes NY USA .. ". “ .. John was not here during those years .. John stayed for almost a year. Other than one vacation in Florida he has not been back to the USA in all those years .. ” (see also Appendix D).

Neither that claim nor the claim to have studied with Leicester University during 1995-2000 for a Doctoral Degree in Education Management and Leadership is mentioned in any of John O'Sullivan’s web-profiles (see Appendix C, particularly sub-section C13.1).

Like many of John O'Sullivan's claims, these claims to significant educational achievements should not be accepted on face value.

2.2.4 Employment in the USA!

Claims in John O'Sullivan's CV imply that from 2004 to 2010 he was employed in New York State. As pointed out in sub-section, his estranged wife rejected that suggestion. 

All of the evidence indicates that since returning from New York State in the Autumn of 1998 John O'Sullivan has resided somewhere in the UK (alternating between East Anglia and South Wales), not in the USA (see Appendix D). Legal Commentator/Advocate in New York State

This entry implies that John O'Sullivan was actively litigating in NYS at State and Federal level. More realistically, his litigation activities appear to have been no more than giving lay assistance by E-mail from the UK to two pro-se litigants (see sub-section Substitute and Home School Teacher in New York State

Although he claims to have taught in NYS during 2004-2007 his estranged wife has advised that John O'Sullivan has " .. never been here or lived in New York since .. 1998 .. " (see sub-section It appears that John O'Sullivan has been living in the UK since October 1998 and did mainly supply teaching in Suffolk and Norfolk until his patchy teaching career came to an abrupt halt in 2003/2004 (see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl). More on his employment activities in the UK can be found in sub-section 3.2 "Comments on the Remaining Profile Claims".

2.2.5 Employment in the UK

John O'Sullivan’s three employment claims during 1995 - 1999 do agree to some extent with what previously close associates of his have said (other than the implication of continuity of employment). The claims did at one time clash with his refuted LinkedIn claim to being a “ .. Lecturer University of Northampton .. September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. ”. When challenged on this claim by Andrew Skolnick he quickly removed any reference to a time period and added "Nene College" ahead of University of Northampton.

In November 2012 Andrew Skolnick had raised a query with the University of Northampton and received the following response " .. the University has no record of a Mr John A. O’Sullivan being employed by the University. For the sake of completeness we also carried out searches on records for individuals named J O’Sullivan, John Sullivan, J Sullivan and Mr O’Sullivan and we can confirm that no individuals with those names had a full time contract with us during the years specified .. If you have contact details for Mr O’Sullivan we would be grateful if you could share them with the University because we would like to investigate the issue further with a view to deciding on any legal action .. " (see Appendix C, sub-section C7). Teacher (p/t) in Suffolk and Norfolk

It is unclear where John O'Sullivan taught during 2000-2004. In her E-mail of 2nd July 2012 his estranged wife, who during this period was living in rented accommodation several miles away (see also sub-section, advised that " .. John put himself on the Norfolk( next county over) teaching supply list .. ". It appears that he was living alone in the matrimonial home near Lowestoft.

As mentioned in sub-section, his patchy teaching career appeared to come to an abrupt end in 2003/2004 (discussed in detail in sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl"). Teacher (p/t) Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft, Suffolk

The implication is that John O'Sullivan was teaching in Lowestoft, UK part-time throughout 1998-2000, however, he lived in New York State for the best part of 1998 (see sub-section

On the 28th June 2012 Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan advised that this was the last school where he taught, however, she may have been mistaken. Teacher (f/t): Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham, Suffolk

The implication is that John O'Sullivan taught continuously here during 1993-97. On the 28th June 2012 Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan advised that:
- he had obtained a temporary position as head-teacher of Art,
- at the end of the year (1995/96) when that temporary post was open as a permanent position he stopped teaching at that school,
- subsequently he did supply teaching to supplement the small ill-health retirement pension that he was awarded by the Teachers' Pension Agency in around 1992.

2.2.6 Teacher (f/t): Robert Smythe Upper School, Market Harborough, Leics.

The implication is that John O'Sullivan taught here continuously during 1985-93. On 27th and 29th June 2012 a previously close associate of his advised that John O'Sullivan's had a patchy teaching career. He was employed as a teacher at a high school named Robert Smythe, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, between 1987 and 1992. He apparently didn't work again until 1995 when a friend found him a job which John held for 1 year (see After that he was apparently unemployed and getting sickness benefit. The associate had no recollection of John O'Sullivan subsequently holding down a steady teaching job.

On 28th June 2012 John O'Sullivan's second wife advised that he took sick leave in 1992, was awarded an ill-health pension and left the area in 1993, apparently not working again until 1995 (see

Market Harborough is only about 20 miles North of Northampton and at one time John O'Sullivan was claiming to have been a lecturer at the University from 1985-1997. The head of HR at what is now Robert Smythe Accademy advised that they have no affiliation with the University of Northampton, however, it is just possible that John O'Sullivan could have taught a few evening classes to further eduction students at Nene College, Northampton (for more on this see Appendix C, sub-section C7).

2.2.7 Employment With!

For John O'Sullivan to claim that he was "employed" by Mark Flemming, who co-owned the blog, appears to be stretching the imagination well beyond breaking point. It stated at the foot of his articles " .. John O’Sullivan .. offers his services free to the site and is not a site employee .. ". On the 18th December 2009, 3rd January 2010 and 10th March 2010 (around the time when he wrote this CV?) he acknlowledged that " .. I'm now giving my time free to write articles for climategate. com .. a dedicated group of volunteers .. the venture is no longer sustainable by us on a voluntary basis " (

John O'Sullivan's associate Kent Clizbe responded " .. I didn't realize that you were working on a for-profit model. Not sure where revenue would come from, besides advertising. I see our work more like missionary have to fund it yourself, with the goal of a greater good of saving souls....our reward will come in the hereafter....or maybe even sooner! .. ".

It appears that the "hereafter" was much too late for John O'Sullivan, who had expressed a much more pressing need for income. As he said on the 28th March 2010 and the 1st January 2011 " .. Frankly, I need to make some income for all my efforts .. I'm  barely scraping by financially as I've spent the last year working on skeptic advocacy full-time, unpaid .. " (
Kent Clizbe's response on the 2nd January 2011 included the sound advice " .. get a part-time job .. " (see sub-section 2.2.8).

"GIVING MY TIME FREE" and "NOT A SITE EMPLOYEE" leave little room for doubt about whether or not Mark Flemming's blog employed John O'Sullivan, despite what he claimed in his CV!

2.2.8 Referee James Delingpole

In his covering letter to WalesOnline John O'Sullivan boasted about how he had scooped several CACC stories, e.g. " .. I proudly claim to have also collaborated with the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole on bringing several scoops to the mainstream media .. " (see Appendix A). He had boasted along these lines in a comment on the 4th January 2010 " .. I work for .. I gave our big scoop to James Delingpole of London’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ that you can read here:

The Telegraph article began with the modest claim that " .. James Delingpole is a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about everything. He is the author of numerous fantastically entertaining books .. ". It went on to say " .. I am so glad to report that Michael Mann – creator of the incredible Hockey Stick curve and one of the scientists most heavily implicated in the Climategate scandal – is about to get a very nasty shock .. (Hat tip: John O'Sullivan of the wonderful new campaigning site .. ".

Like many of John O'Sullivan's scoops, that one was full of holes. There have been no reports of Michael Mann receiving any shocks as a result of that letter (and subsequent ones - ) from John O'Sullivan's associate Kent Clizbe.

On the 2nd January 2011 Kent Clizbe gave John O'Sullivan some sound advice  concerning his proposal to set up PSI as a private company with himself as CEO " .. If I'm right in assessing that the main goal in setting up this business .. is to find a way to enhance your income, I'd suggest that this project is a NOT a good way to go about doing that. You will NOT be able to create sufficient interest, support, revenue from individuals, or from selling books, to support the various expenses associated with a business, including your salary .. For your own income, create a website that sells products .. related to ending the AGW scam. Put your energies into promoting that website .. This will be a much better method to provide you with income .. In the meantime, get a part-time job .. " ( ).

2.2.9 Personal Referee Sean Scahill

On the 1st July 2012 John O'Sullivan's second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan advised that Sean Anthony Scahill grew up with John O'Sullivan in Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire. 

Sean Scarhill " .. was responsible for launching ABG Financial Services (latterly Optimal Wealth Management) together with the Partners of Arram Berlyn Gardner in 1987 and has been an IFA ever since. Sean is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of both the Chartered Insurance Institute and Personal Finance Society .. " ( and ).

2.3 Summary of John O’Sullivan’s Education, Training, Experience and Achievements

Regardless of the exaggerated claims that he has made, it appears that John O'Sullivan earned a degree in fine art (possibly a 2.1) from West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1984 and a post-graduate certificate in education from Brighton Polytechnic in 1985 (not a Bachelors degree in Law from the University of Surrey in 1982 or a PGCE from Sussex University as claimed in his 2011 LinkedIN profile). That was followed by a somewhat patchy teaching career from 1985 until February 2003, which came to an abrupt end in 2004 (see sub-section 4.1.2).
Apparently John O'Sullivan then tried unsuccessfully to earn a living as a self-employed writer through blogging (e.g. in 2005 with an attack on New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer -, free-lancing and self-publishing articles and novels (e.g. in 2006/7 with - see sub-section C2.2).

In 2009 he turned his attention to blogging about what he referred to as "the greenhouse gas theory" (see sub-section 3.2.a), posting on blogs such as the defunct Climategate/com (see Appendix A), anhonestclimatedebate ( and AlGoreLied ( He started his own Livejournal blog in November 2009 (, apparently inspired by the writings of Lord Monckton of Brenchley.

During 2010 John O'Sullivan coordinated the publication of a cobbled collection of blog articles under the title “Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory” ( He then tried to set himself up as the CEO of a private company publishing scientific material and proposing to take legal action against organisations that were promoting the contentious Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) issue.

On 28th December 2010 John O'Sullivan declared " .. Our key purpose is to fight climate fraud globally in all English speaking common law nations. We have targeted our first $3,000 'low cost option' - a mandamus petition against NASA GISS/NOAA in the federal court in Washington DC .. I've staked my reputation, sweat and own money on beating the AGW fraud in the courts-its the only serious game in town. My legal associates and I are ready and waiting to take the battle on .. " (

Failing to attract funding for that venture ( John O'Sullivan then set up his blog Principia Scientific International (PSI) as a "science association" in July 2011. In March 2013 he registered PSI Acumen Ltd. (PSIA) and declared PSI to be its subsidiary. PSIA was struck off in October 2014.


In July 2011 Andrew Skolnick posted a summary of and challenges to John O'Sullivan's questionable claims, making the opening statement " .. John O’Sullivan is a humbug with fabricated credentials on his many online resumes and profiles .. " ( This section provides further detail, summarising and commenting on the numerous profiles that John O'Sullivan has posted of himself on the Internet (see Appendix C for a selection of those profiles).

3.1 Comments on the Profile

In December 2011 Andrew Skolnick opined about John O'Sullivan's profile (see sub-section C2.4) " .. It's one of the earliest bios of Slayer John I've found and it is certainly his most honest .. Glaringly absent from his bio is any claim of a law degree or practice of law .. " ( and it is worthwhile comparing the claims in that profile with the subsequent more embellished ones.Written in 2007, John O'Sullivan described himself in that profile as a 46 year-old resident of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England who:
- earned a First Degree in Fine Art in 1983 from the West Surrey College of Art and Design then- qualified as a high school teacher in 1985,
- taught for 20 years in public schools and colleges throughout England,
- married a New York legal advocate in 1998,
- lives between homes in New York and England,
- successfully defended himself in a well-publicised criminal case in 2004,
- has assisted wife in her legal advocacy work in the American civil courts while,- pursuing his creative writing interests.
- enjoyed writing about unrequited love, the criminal justice system and
- dared to apply his literary talents to contentious hot topics such unlawful police practices, sexual harassment and paedophilia.

Describing his American wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan as a legal advocate could be misleading. She had been a Corrections Officer until becoming disabled in 1996 (see sub-section 4.2.2) so may have had some related legal training but has no significant qualifications in law. She has pursued several pro-se legal actionthrough state and federal courts, including some relating to her employment with the New York State Department of Correctional Service. John O'Sullivan gave lay assistance to her from the UK until 2009.

As for living between homes in England and New York, John O'Sullivan lived in New York State for one year only, returning to the UK with his wife and step-daughter in October 1998 (see Appendix D).

John O'Sulivan was indeed involved in criminal charges for which he was acquitted in March 2004 after his stepdaughter took the blame for some of the criminal actions that he was accused of, but he appears not to have defended pro-se (see sub-section 4.1).

3.2 Comments on the Remaining Profiles

3.2.1 General Comments

John O’Sullivan has posted some very impressive profiles of himself on various web-sites, e.g:
however, it is prudent to never accepted on face value any of his claims, an opinion expressed by several.

Accusations of lying abound in exchanges involving John O'Sullivan (see Appendix E "Lies and More Lies"), e.g:
- " .. Ooooh’Sullivan .. Somehow I don’t believe a word you say so stop all the lies and distortions .. " (Canadian biochemist Ian Forrester in October 2009 at ), or
- " .. It seems likely that Ball .. takes him at face value, and is not aware of O’Sullivan’s apparent penchant for gilding the reputational lily .. " (New Zealand fruit grower and bloggrr Gareth Renowden on 4th July 2011 at ), or
- " .. anything to do with O’Sullivan is so dubious as to justify its being ignored .. " (one Hunter in November 2011 at ), or
- " .. Mr. O'Sullivan is the Everready Bunny of deceit, disinformation, and denial .. " (Andrew Skolnick at ), or
- " .. O’Sullivan is a dishonest person .. what a dishonest person John O’Sullivan is .. " (USA school teacher Cathy Henry in August 2012 at

In some profiles John O'Sullivan has claimed:

- to be a legal analyst

to WikiHow " .. Legal analysts assist attorneys in all forms of legal practice. Under the supervision of an attorney, legal analysts may conduct client interviews, draft court documents, perform legal research, and assist in preparing cases for trial. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the law, you should consider pursuing a career as a legal analyst. Another type of legal analyst, with jobs often found in Wall Street financial firms, assists institutions in the legal aspects of doing financial deals .. " (

WiseGeek advises that " .. A legal analyst is a legal professional who thinks about legal problems, developing written communications which summarize legal issues and discuss several approaches to legal challenges .. Legal analysts are generally part of a legal support team .. They need extensive legal skills including knowledge of jurisprudence .. " (

Perhaps John O'Sullivan prefers the definition "anyone who writes lay opinions on legal issues or gives unpaid lay assistance to pro-se litigants".

- to be an accredited academic

Although John O'Sullivan's career as a teacher with a degree in art did extend over twenty years, following his Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Brighton Polytechnic in 1984, it did not constitute a 20-year full-time teaching career (see sub-section 3.2.3).

- to have moved to the USA

Contrary to the impression given in his CV, this move did not last from 2004 until 2010 but for only about one year (1987/88) before he returned to his UK home in East Anglia (see Appendix D).

- to have written over 100 major articles

It is highly likely that John O'Sullivan has authored this number of blog articles which h
ave been posted on the World-Wide-Web. As to whether they were "major" is highly questionable, as is the claim that some have featured in the National Review, Forbes, China Daily, etc. It is argued that the National Review articles were written by its editor, John O'Sullivan (see Section 1.0 and sub-section 2.2.2). John O'Sullivan's claim to have featured in " .. China Daily, the Number One English portal in China .. " appears to boil down to no more than having his blog articles copied onto a forum (see sub-section 2.2.2).

3.2.2 The Greenhouse Gas Theory

John O'Sullivan's interest in the "greenhouse gas theory" as a potential source of income appears to have stemmed from the media furore surrounding the November 2009 UN Famework Convention on Climate Change conference in Copenhagen (COP15) and the release of related E-mails in what became known as Climategate. He started blogging on the subject in October 2009 (e.g. see,, and sub-section 2.2.7).

John O'Sullivan frequently boasts about the cobbled collection of blog articles that he co-ordinated and had published under the title “Slaying the Sky dragon .. ”. Rather than taking the scientific world by storm it has been scorned not only by supporters of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis but even by respected scientists and others who reject the hypothesis.

It appears that Dr. Lucia Liljegren hit the nail on the head with her speculative November 2011 comment " .. It’s possible Sullivan thought he could create a saleable book by compiling stuff, hunted around for people inviting chapters. Each contributed and really did nothing more. They didn’t look to see if their chapter would sit next to something they thought was insane or whatever. Sullivan slapped it together and began trying to promote it .. " (

John O'Sullivan's repeated claim about being ' .. the most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory .. " can be explained by a 21st July 2010 blog comment from Joe Olsen (co-author of "Slaying the Sky Dragon" and co-founder of the Principia Scientific International blog) on the subject of " .. google stomper.... O'Sully, you've 8 of 10 on page one....then several on page two...majority of page three....i'd're kicking google butt my good man ! ! ! Joe 0 .. " (

3.2.3 "An Accredited Academic"

John O’Sullivan claims to be “ .. an accredited academic .. taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England .. ” and a "science writer".

More realistically, what John O’Sullivan refers to as his 20-year teaching/lecturing career appears to have been a somewhat patchy career teaching art to high-school students (see sub-sections, 2.2.6 and Appendix C2). Even during the years when he was employed in some full-time posts (up to 1997) he had several years of unemployment, apparently due to illness, being awarded a disability pension from the Teachers Pensions Agency in 1992 (see sub-section 2.2.6).

He then did some supply and temporary full-time teaching in Suffolk (and perhaps in Norfolk) but that came to an abrupt end in February 2003 when he was suspended following allegations by a 16-year-old friend of his step-daughter. He was tried but acquitted of consequent charges in March 2004 (see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl"). When challenged about this he confirmed it in E-mail exchanges that took place on 11th and 12th December 2011 (

Following his acquittal he is reported to have said "I really think this is the end of my teaching career in this area. If I want to stay in teaching then I'm going to have to move" (see sub-section 4.1.2). He sold his Suffolk home in 2006 and bought another in the neighbouring county of Norfolk which he sold in January 2014 (see Appendix D).

For a long time he was claiming in his LinkedIN profile to have been a " .. Lecturer University of Northampton .. September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. ". When Andrew Skolnick notified the University of that claim in Nov. 2012 the quick response was that there was no record of a Mr John A. O’Sullivan being employed by the University (see sub-section 2.2.5).

Shortly afterwards John O’Sullivan changed the entry in his LinkedIN profile to simply read "Nene College (University of Northampton) Lecturer". It is possible that rather than being a lecturer at the University of Northampton for 13 years as he originally claimed he may have done some evening lecturing of further education art students at Nene College about 20 miles away from where he worked as an art teacher during 1985-92.

As for being a "science writer", in 2010 John O'Sullivan acknowledged that " .. I have no scientific background .. " (see Appendix A), making the questionable claim on the 11th June 2010 that " .. My field is law not science .. " ( It appears that a more accurate statement from John O'Sullivan would have been "My field is ART not science".

It appears that for much of the time since 2004 John O'Sullivan has been an unemployed high school art teacher posting articles on his blog Principia Scientific International and elsewhere. Since selling his property in Norfolk in 2014 (see Appendix D, FOOTNOTE) and returning to South Wales he is reported to have resumed supply-teaching in the Swansea area.

3.2.4 Successful Litigant, Legal Advocate, Consultant, Analyst, etc.

Despite his 31st January 2010 admission that he was neither qualified in nor licensed to practice law in the US or UK " .. No, sir- self taught and proud! .. " (Appendix C, sub-section C13.1) John O'Sullivan has subsequently repeatedly claimed or implied that he was a qualified lawyer, legal advocate, litigator or legal consultant, e.g:
- " .. Experienced legal advocate in New York Human Rights laws, Mandamus petitions, appeals, NYS employment law, civil and criminal .. " (sub-section 2.1, Page 2 "Other Skills"),
- " .. Legal Advocate: Member of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) .. " (Appendix C, sub-section C7),
- " .. legal advocate .. who for several years has litigated against government corruption in conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain ( footer),
- " .. engaged by Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm as Legal Consultant to advise on matters relating to libel suits involving prominent international climatologist, Dr Timothy Ball .. " (Appendix C, sub-section C7),
- " .. Principia Scientific International .. Acting Internal Legal Counsel .. " (Appendix C, sub-section C7),
" .. Consultant for Canadian law firm, Pearlman Lindholm .. International legal advocate (Appendix C, sub-section C8),
- " .. From my experience of working in law this constitutes deliberate fraud .. " (

NB: For more on John O'Sullivan's claims regarding involvement in the Mann v Ball case see sub-section

John O'Sullivan's claim to being a member of the American Bar Association initially appeared in his LinkedIN profile in June 2011 (Appendix C.7). At that time Andrew Skolnick opined that " .. he is falsely claiming to be a member of the American Bar Association .. the ABA membership office .. says he joined recently as an “associate member” — which is open to any person who supports the work of the ABA. Whereas, ABA members HAVE TO BE an attorney licensed to practice in the U.S. And the ABA associate membership application Mr. O’Sullivan signed clearly states that he is joining as an associate and that associates are not members of the ABA. .. " ( On the other hand the ABA web-site makes it clear that " .. From lawyers to students, membership is available to everyone .. " (

John O'Sullivan subsequently let his associate membership of the ABA lapse and joined the New York County Lawyers' Association in October 2011, claiming to be a NY resident and to have recently qualified in Law (see Appendix D). In April 2012 a New York State Department of Correctional Service (NYSDOCS - see sub-section 4.2.1) using the pseudonym Jason Falconnier advised that " .. John O'Sullivan is NOT an attorney admitted to practice in New York State .. His "membership" in the New York County Lawyers Association has absolutely no bearing on his ability to practice law in NY .. ".

John O'Sullivan's persistent claim to being a member of the NYCLA (see Appendix C, sub-section C7) was refuted on 1st July 2014 by the NYCLA's Director of Marketing and Membership Toni Valenti. Despite that he continues making that misleading claim ( 

In his E-mail to Dr. Myron Evans on the 5th November 2012 John O'Sullivan said " .. For clarification, although I have a law degree I’m not licensed to practice law in the UK. Most of my experience is in NY human rights and NY employment law (inc. mandamus petitions) plus teaching law in the UK at college level at Northampton University .. " (
As well as misleadingly implying that he was licensed in the USA, that claim to have taught Law is in direct conflict with what the University of Northampton records office advised on the 22nd November 2012 (see sub-sections 2.2.5, 3.2.3 and Appendix C, sub-section C7).

It appears that apart from posting lay commentary, the extent of John O'Sullivan's litigation activity was to give lay assistance to:
- the UK legal representative that he had engaged in his defence against several criminal charges arising from allegations made by a 16-year-old girl (see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl"),
two USA pro-se litigants involved in separate cases, i.e. his wife and Thomas Neveu (see sub-section
- Dr. Tim Ball in the Mann v Ball case (see sub-section

In May 2011 Andrew Skolnick and New Zealand fruit farmer Gareth Renowden challenged John O’Sullivan’s claims about his legal qualifications and status as a “litigator”. They had first encountered John O’Sullivan when he started a conversation entitled “Has Global Warming Propaganda Killed Science Journalism?” on the LinkedIN “Science and Technology Media Professionals” group (see Appendix C, sub-section C13.2).

Note that by this stage he was making the questionable claim to have earned a Law degree - perhaps from the University College Cork (, or the University of Surrey in 1982 ( ).
This is discussed in Andrew Skolnick's article "Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of .. John O'Sullivan" in which he says " .. Hill University is a bogus, online diploma mill that sells anyone any degree in any subject they want with a "Promised Free Delivery in Just 15 Days! .. " (

John O’Sullivan’s responses as he side-stepped the challenges from Messrs Skolnick and Renowden included:
- “ .. what a dumbass Dr Tim Ball must feel allowing a leading Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm, to employ this ‘fake’ John O'Sullivan to represent him in court? .. “,
- “ .. So quit the BS that I’m not .. a qualified attorney .. you’re beaten already on that count .. ”,
- “ .. Andrew, you've gone very quiet about calling Pearlman Lindholm to have them verify I work as a legal consultant for them .. ”,
- “ .. barrister, Michael Scherr .. and I are collaborating on the Ball case .. ”,
- “ .. the true measure of my worth is the success as a lawyer and in my litigation in the most high-profile law suits in Canadian history .. I’m representing Dr. Ball .. ”,
- “ .. Tim knows that he can trust me to get the job done .. If the above NASA scoop is for real then Dr. Ball will be doubly delighted because it will mean early settlements in his favor .. in the Vancouver Supreme Court .. and a whopping bonus for me too! .. Isn’t amazing how a ‘fake’ lawyer gets to do all this ..  ”,
" .. Andrew, you illustrate superbly well why you are not a lawyer and I am .. " and Appendix B).

In the face of the challenges from Andrew Skolnick, John O'Sullivan resorted to idle threats with " .. Andrew .... By innuendo you defame me. .. I now give you fair warning that I will not tolerate any further innuendos from you about my ethics .. don't tell a libel lawyer how to suck eggs. No one wants to see you slapped with a very expensive libel suit. I've bigger fish to fry .. " (

During discussions in June 2010 John O'Sullivan commented about  " .. the legal challenges I have examined .. My field is law .. As someone coming at this issue from a legal background.. my legally trained mind ..    ( ).

This issue was discussed ad-nauseum during October/November 2011 on Professor Judith Curry's "Letter to the Dragon Slayers" thread, during which Andrew Skolnick claimed that John O'Sullivan had said previousy " .. Andrew, you illustrate superbly well why you are not a lawyer and I am .. ". When asked to substantiate his claim Andrew E-mailed the exhibit presented in Appendix B.

Ignoring the implications of his earlier comments, on the 12th December 2011 John O'Sullivan protested " .. I have never claimed to be a licensed attorney and neither you nor Skolnick have provided one iota of evidence that I ever represented myself as such. .. " (

Despite that protestation of innocence it appears that John O’Sullivan’s objective was to try to persuade LinkedIN readers and others that he was a qualified and experienced practising lawyer. His success in achieving this is indicated by the following comments from:

- his PSI “Recruitment Officer” Terry Jackson, Northern Ireland (see SpotlightON – PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd, sub-section 3.10 -, who mistakenly refered to John O'Sullivan as a " .. Leading US lawyer .. " and “ .. American lawyer .. “

- Dr. Matthias Kleespies, Germany, who, in his 26th April 2011 article "Tim Ball in Emotional Thank You to Supporters of Scientific Free Speech", commented " .. I am extremely grateful for the legal advice and expertise of lawyer John O’Sullivan in Britain .. " (see Appendix F).

- Dr. Timothy Ball, Canada, who, in his 3rd August 2011 submission to the Supreme Court of British Columbia advised that he " .. does not wave solicitor-client privilege over any communications that have taken place between himself and John O'Sullivan or .. between John O'Sullivan and Michael R Scherr .. " (see sub-section 2.6),

- medical practitioner Dr. David Weston Allen, Australia, in his June 2012 critique of John O'Sullivan's cobbled collection of blog articles "Slaying the Sky Dragon .. " made reference to “ .. The lawyer, John O’Sullivan .. “ and other comments to that effect
( Litigation in the USA

John O’Sullivan’s claim to have been “ .. successfully litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit .. ” appears to refer to the lay assistance that he gave to:

- his estranged second wife in New York State as she pursued her own pro-se action, which ended in a dismissal of her claims (see sub-section 4.1 "Summit Shock") and
- Mr. Thomas Neveu in Massachussets (see , and ). 

NB: Thomas Neveu is the close associate of the PSI blog web-master, Thomas Richard, Boston, Massachusetts ( ) who was also pursuing a pro-se defence against a copyright claim (see Appendix A, Note 5).
Andrew Skolnick discussed this in one of his comments on Professor Judith Curry's "Letter to the dragon slayers" blog ( ). Litigation in Canada - the Mann v Ball Case

From early 2011 John O'Sullivan had claimed to be " .. currently litigating in two high-profile climate science lawsuits .. As of April 2011 .. engaged by Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm as Legal Consultant to advise on matters relating to libel suits involving prominent international climatologist, Dr Timothy Ball .. " (Appendix C, sub-section C7).

John O'Sullivan claims that he " .. has acted as consultant to, and is a close colleague of, Canada's most prominent climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, who is currently defending libel suits in the British Columbia Supreme Court against fellow climate researchers, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Andrew Weaver .. " (see Appendix C, sub-section C5).

He certainly was a “close colleague” of Dr. Tim Ball's during 2010 to 2013, when Dr. Ball was "Chairman" of John O'Sullivan's organisation/blog Principia Scientific International (see sub-section 3.1.1). It also appears that he did provide legal advice to Dr. Ball under contracts entered into in March/April 2011 " .. Ball entered into a contract for legal services with John O'Sullivan .. " (see sub-section 2.6). This followed the civil claim of defamation initiated through the Supreme Court of British Columbia on 25th March 2011 by Dr. Michael Mann.

In his 29th June 2011 Friends Reunited entry (see Appendix C, sub-section C8) John O'Sullivan claimed that he was appointed as a consultant for law firm Pearlman Lindholm and implied that he was located in New York, working as an International legal advocate.

The issue came up during exchanges on the LinkedIN "Science and Technology Media Professionals" forum (, when John O'Sullivan retorted " .. what a dumbass Dr Tim Ball must feel allowing a leading Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm, to employ this ‘fake’ John O'Sullivan to  represent him in court? .. ".

In that same set of exchanges he commented " .. Andrew, you've gone very quiet about calling Pearlman Lindholm to have them verify I work as a legal consultant for them .. " ( Andrew Skolnick responded with " .. I'm still waiting to hear from Mr. Michael Scherr to clarify how you're assisting them in Tim Ball's defense. I would like to know whether you're providing legal services .. Whatever I hear from Mr. Scheer, I will post .. ".

In November 2011 Andrew Skolnick gave an interesting account of his actions in exposing this misleading claim ( His concluding comment was " .. In just the last month, Mr. O’Sullivan .. had to remove his bogus claims of being a member of the American Bar Association and legal consultant with Pearlman Lindholm from his online bios. The British Columbia law firm Pearlman Lindholm and Tim Ball’s attorney Michael Scherr were professionally embarrassed by associating with the dishonest humbug, and he has just compounded all this deceit with an apparently fraudulent law society membership that looks as if it’s going to bite him in the kiester .. ".

Andrew Skolnick supported his claim with a copy of a letter from the Law Society of British Columbia with whom he had lodged a complaint questioning the legitimacy of John O'Sullivan's claim. That 4th November 2011 LSBC letter unsurprisingly quotes Mr. Michael Scherr, owner of Pearlman Lindholm, refuting John O'Sullivan's claim with " .. our firm did not engage Mr. O'Sullivan to provide any services to our firm .. Mr. O'Sullivan is engaged by our client, not by this firm .. " (

On the 10th November 2011 John O'Sullivan presented his own interpretation of the LSBC's investigation, starting with : .. The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) has now ruled that green activist Andrew Skolnick’s official complaint concerning Dr. Tim Ball’s libel attorney, Michael Scherr and science writer, John O’Sullivan, was baseless .. " ( Despite his questionable protestations, John O'Sullivan subsequently redacted his LinkedIN claim to being engaged by Pearlman Lindholm as a Legal Consultant.

John O'Sullivan persists in claiming that he is a " .. Legal Advocate .. currently litigating in high-profile libel lawsuits involving climatologists, Dr Michael Mann and Dr Tim Ball. .. " ( On the other hand, he declared on the 25th July 2012 " .. Be advised that as of July last year I have not assisted Dr. Ball in any way in this case so my opinion should not be construed as necessarily the same as his or his counsel’s – and we’ve had no discussions on the matter since .. " (

Despite saying that he had not assisted Tim Ball since July 2011, he was still claiming on his LinkedIN profile in September 2011 that " .. As of April 2011 I have been engaged by Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm as Legal Consultant to advise on matters relating to libel suits involving prominent international climatologist, Dr Timothy Ball .. ".

That conflicts with what his “close colleague” ( ) Dr. Tim Ball said in an E-mail dated the 26th April 2012 " .. I was made aware of the charges against O'Sullivan almost from the start .. I legally disassociated myself from O'Sullivan very early and though he provided commentary he never acted as legal counsel .. " (see 

On the 12th July 2012 Andrew
Skolnick asked Dr. Ball about this apparent conflict but appears to have had no response to his E-mail (see Appendix F).
It is noticeable that it was only a few days later that John O'Sullivan published his statement " .. as of July last year I have not assisted Dr. Ball in any way in this case .. ".

NB: In his article of 29th April 2010 "Is Michael Mann Seriously Off his Head?" John O'Sullivan began with " .. The infamous Madoff Ponzi scheme cost $50 billion. Now put this into context with what the U.S. government has blown on policies related to climate change - over $79 billion since 1989. Madoff is in jail, Michael Mann isn’t-yet .. ". He concluded " .. Michael Mann is a crooked junk scientist and is rightly derided as a charlatan .. Mann, full of bitterness and frustration  .. Now constantly taunted by ridicule,  .. I’ll call Mann a climate crook all day long: let him sue me, I’m game .. " 
( "I am a Legal Authority"!!

On August 1st 2012 John O'Sullivan published an article "Courtroom Chaos as New Zealand Skeptics Rout Government Climatists" ( his ("legal") opinion on a case in New Zealand. In his May/June 2011 LinkedIN exchanges with Messrs Skolnick and Renowden he had boasted " .. I am a legal authority investigating the case there has been much interest for me to appear on TV as well as speak before Parliament .. " ( His claim to being " .. a legal authority .. " is funny enough but his claim to " .. speak before Parliament .. " was hilarious. The evidence suggests that this was just another example of his many self-aggrandising pronouncements.

The comments of two others involved in those discussions sum up the general reaction there to John O'Sullivan's claims:
- Damiel Pendick " .. This might be convincing, if you were not a lying fraud .. Why should anyone take you seriously? .. " and 
- Roger Johnson " .. very little of what he says is credible .. " 

On 27th Oct. 2010 John O'Sullivan had made an appearance at the  "Climate Fools Day" gathering arranged by weather forecaster Piers Corbyn of Weather Action. This took place in one of the meeting rooms in the Houses of Parliament. John O'Sullivan's speaking "before Parliament" amounted to a 30 second appearance at that meeting to announce the award of a prize to Piers Corbyn (a cheque donated by the small USA publisher of "Slaying the Sky Dragon", Stairways Press - see FOOTNOTE).

John O'Sullivan's 30 seconds of "fame" speaking before Parliament can be viewed in this video of the event (, from 4:07-4:37 minutes.

FOOTNOTE: It was claimed that the award was worth $10,000 but Piers Corbyn subsequently revealed that he only received $1000. During discussions on Professor Judith Curry's "Letter to the Dragon Slayers" thread neither the owner of Stairways Press (Ken Coffman) nor John O'Sullivan were prepared to disclose what happened to the other $9000 (see and /#comment-192458 and /#comment-192564.).


On the 31st March 2008 John 'Sullivan posted an article "And what is ‘Cupboard 55’?" in which he stated " .. There currently exist only two factual novels so far penned in the ‘Cupboard 55’ genre: ‘Vanilla Girl’ and ‘Summit Shock’ written by English author, John O’Sullivan .. ” (archived version available at ).

Those two factual novels ("Vanilla Girl" in 2007/2008 and "Summit Shock" in 2009) are based upon real events that his second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan and he experienced. In these novels John O'Sullivan used the pseudonyms Carla Limoncello Bloom and Leo Odysseus Bloom for his second wife and himself. For other individuals he either used pseudonyms or their real names in full or partially.

As John O'Sullivan acknowledged in his E-mail of the 12th December 2011 " .. In 2003 .. Barbara .. started fostering a .. teenager .. who .. made numerous accusations .. one of her false allegations was that I made sexual advances to her .. As a consequence I was maliciously prosecuted for allegedly sending sexual text messages and for allegedly assaulting the girl .. I have two unpublished novels (one addresses the appalling events of 2003), the other concerns a multi-million dollar employment harassment lawsuit involving Barbara against her former employers, the State of NY (still ongoing after 16 years). I have a publisher interested in both novels but they are waiting for me to first win the aforementioned court case so I can write my story's ending .. I assisted Barbara with all her cases (and still do - I need the money) .. " (

Maybe the real reasons why publishers dropped him " .. like a hot coal .. " (see sub-section 4.2) are explained by the following comments by:
- Gerald J Skrocki (Jerry Polanski in the novel) on 21st January 2010 that “ .. “Summit Shock” .. is sensationalism mixed with porn. The only thing left factual is the name William Peek. His accuser Barbara Bracci’s name is changed as was mine in a veiled attempt to prevent litigation .. ”
( ) or
- Debra Peek Sorel on 8th June 2010 " .. Your trashy book .. Summit Shock is nothing but a porn novel .. "
Andrew Skolnick on 11th December 2011 about "Vanilla Girl" " .. Warning: It’s graphic, obscene, and — worse — awfully bad turgid prose .. " (  

Outlines of the factual background to the two novels are presented here, along with extracts from them, mainly relating to John O'Sullivan's employment claims, such as being:
- " .. an accredited academic teaching/lecturing for 20+ years .. ",
- a party to the Mann v Ball defamation case (see sub-section 3.4.2) and
- a litigator " .. for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit .. "

A more detailed review of the novels is provided in "SpotlightON - John O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels"

4.1 The Basis for "Vanilla Girl"

In sub-section 3.2.4 reference was made to the lay assistance given by John O'Sullivan to Massachussetts, USA resident Thomas Neveu who was pursuing a pro-se counter-claim. " .. In September (2010), Righthaven sued Neveu, Thomas Richard, an entity called Climate Change Fraud and the website; claiming material from the Review-Journal was posted on the Climate Change website without authorization .. " (

In November 2011 the Climatechangedispatch web-site, run by Thomas Richard (also the web-master for and "driving force behind" John O'Sullivan's "Principia Scientific International" blog - see sub-section 3.9 ) reposted an article by John O'Sullivan. That article rejected the allegations made by Andrew Skolnick relating to John O'Sullivan's questionable educational and career claims covered in sub-section 3.2.4 .

Andrew Skolnick responded with QUOTE: .. When Mr. O'Sullivan began accusing me of "aligning" myself "gleefully with pedophiles," I began to wonder whether pedophilia was a problem he had faced -- since he habitually accuses others of his own sins. Boy, did I hit that nail on the head! In 2004, he stood trial in the UK for sending obscene text messages to a 16 y.o. school girl and soliciting sex from her. The testimony was not consistent enough to convince the court of his guilt beyond a doubt so he was acquitted. Here's the news story of his trial and acquittal: then self-published a soft-porn book in which his largely an autobiographical account of the trial and where his character is obsessed with lust for his step-daughter's 16-y-o girl friend, and where he argues with his alter ego over society's unfair and oppressive prohibitions against sex with children. Here's the soft-porn novel "based on a true story" of his lust for the 16-y-o girl, his trial, and his views of anti-pedophilia laws: .. UNQUOTE ( ).

In a similar comment following Professor Judith Curry's article "Letter to the dragon slayers" Andrew Skolnick expressed his warning about the novel being " .. graphic, obscene, and .. awfully bad turgid prose .. ".

John O'Sullivan initially self-published that fact-based "soft porn novel" in March 2007 under the title "Cupboard 55" using the pseudonym John Daly O'Neal. In that version he used his wife's real name Barbara but in the subsequent revisions under the new title "Vanilla Girl" (and under his real name) he used the pseudonym "Carla".

4.1.1 "Derogatory Claims Against the Slayers"

During E-mail exchanges in December 2011 Andrew Skolnick drew attention to a profile posted under the name John Daley O'Neal but providing the contact E-mail address for John O'Sullivan. That profile (see Appendix C, sub-section C2.3) closely matched the description of John O'Sullivan, made reference to his first novel "the Secrets of Cupboard55" (the original title of "Vanilla Girl") and also linked to the blog of a "Mr Darrk" (no longer available at but copy archived). NB: That is the same pseudonym that John O'Sullivan used in his "cheekyflirt" profile (see Appendix C, sub-section C12).

On 8th December John O'Sullivan was asked to comment on the similarities and apparent conflicts between that myspace profile and others that he had posted under his real name.

In his hasty reply John O'Sullivan commented " .. As to your rambling list of regurgitated slurs below, I won't be dignifying them with a response .. ".

3 days later John O'Sullivan's attention was drawn to the similarities between the novel written by John Daley O'Neal and a 28th February 2004 Daily Mirror article by Aidan McGurran concerning " .. A TEACHER accused of bombarding a 16-year-old girl with anonymous text messages asking for sex was found not guilty yesterday. Supply teacher John O'Sullivan, 43, had denied three charges of sending offensive messages .. He was also cleared of assaulting the girl after she taped a meeting in a park .. "

In his response a day later John O'Sullivan acknowledged that it was he who had been charged and acquitted of those alleged offences and provided his version of events.


.. In 2003 my second wife Barbara (from NY) while we lived together in Beccles, England stupidly started fostering a problem teenager against my wishes because B’s daughter (my step daughter) had already befriended the girl at school. The child was fine early on but then became a nightmare. She was a sociopath who stole from us, smeared our names and made numerous accusations against us. Social services were utterly useless as we tried desperately to get the child re-allocated. As the child's behavior degenerated one of her false allegations was that I made sexual advances to her and she reported it to the police whereupon my first wife, a local police officer still with antipathy towards me after our failed marriage, unduly influenced the investigations.

As a consequence I was maliciously prosecuted for allegedly sending sexual text messages and for allegedly assaulting the girl. The story made the national gutter press. But the whole thing was a pack of lies and was accepted as such in court where I conducted my own defense with the aid of a newly qualified barrister. I was acquitted on all six charges. Nonetheless, by then the matter had ruined my teaching/lecturing career because people often choose to believe there is no smoke without fire. I never forgave Barbara for the mess and we have lived apart ever since. I have been happily in a relationship with Lindsey (from Wales) for the last 5 years.

I successfully prevailed over (almost all) the regional and national gutter press with warnings of libel and online content about the case was withdrawn.

I also pursued civil damages myself against the police. But Suffolk Police, although admitting they made “mistakes” in the case fought me every step of the way and I ran out of money 3 years later when I couldn’t find the £20-30,000 I needed to pay a barrister to represent me in the High Court, London.

However, I had utterly proved my innocence in a court of law ..

(see John O'Sullivan's E-mail of 12th December 2011 at

4.1.2 Trial Reports in the UK National and Local Press

Some facts behind John O'Sullivan's first novel "Vanilla Girl" were reported in the following UK newspaper articles:
Daily Express, 2004-02-28 "Girl snares sex-pest teacher by txt msg",
Daily Star, 2004-02-28 "Girl 'Tec' Nicks Text Pest Sir", 
Daily Mirror, 2004-02-28 "Sir Cleared of Sex Txts"  and
Beccles and Bungay Journal, 2004-03-05 "Teacher cleared of sending lewd texts to girl, 16".

Copies can be obtained from the British Library at either 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB UK or Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ UK (

The gist of these articles, taken together, is that a 16-year-old schoolgirl (Rebecca Van Hiller in the novel) alleged that over a 3-week period married high-school supply teacher John O'Sullivan had sent her 36 lewd text messages, signing off with "xxxsexyhunk69". Some of those text messages offered cash in return for sex. The girl, suspecting that they had been sent by John O'Sullivan, decided to trap him. She agreed to meet him in a local park, concealing a tape recorder in her hand-bag.

The meeting took place in March 2003, with the recording revealing that the 42-year-old swore at her repeatedly and accused her of being a prostitute. The teenager also alleged that he slapped and kicked her.

Although all of the text messages to her mobile came from an account registered to John O'Sullivan, he claimed that 33 of the text messages had been sent from the USA by another teenaged girl and that he had only sent the last three text messages. His claimed that his objective had been simply to help the girl as a friend and a father figure and confront her about being a prostitute who would have sex for £10-20.

John O'Sullivan denied three charges of sending offensive messages and one charge of assault. During the trial in Lowestoft Magistrates' Court the Prosecutor Matthew McNiff (called McNutt in the novel) claimed that John O'Sullivan was obsessed with the 16-year-old " .. and what she is doing and who she is sleeping with .. You like having power over young girls and like to think that girls find you attractive. You have told vicious and cruel lies about a 16-year-old .. ".

On the final day of the hearing the other teenager (his pregnant step-daughter, called Lita in the novel), who had flown in from New York on the previous evening, claimed that she had sent the messages (through a text message service named Red Rock) " .. because the 16-year-old, once her friend, had stolen items from her .. ". The Prosecutor questioned the evidence of the witness, asking why she would have been up in the early hours of the morning sending explicit messages to the UK. He also argued that she could not have been involved because she could not explain the content of some of the messages.

Magistrate Gerry Sutton said that "Because of the variance in the evidence we are unable to be ... absolutely sure that you were responsible .. " 
After 90 minutes deliberation the magistrates said they were not convinced beyond reasonable doubt that O'Sullivan had been sending the messages to the schoolgirl or had assaulted her when they met at Airedale Park, Carleton Colville. John O'Sullivan was acquitted of all charges.

According to the Prosecutor, the evidence of John O'Sullivan's step-daughter had ambushed his case.

After his acquittal John O'Sullivan was reported to have said 
" .. I really think this is the end of my teaching career in this area. If I want to stay in teaching then I'm going to have to move .. ".

In August 2009 John O'Sullivan posted a derogatory (if not defamatory) statement "The Real Barbara Bracci" ( on his blog. It appears that the  statement had been submitted as an exhibit in custody proceedings involving his step-daughter. During exchanges in November 2015 on the subject of "Exposing Spitzer" (see sub-section 4.2.1) his estranged second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan commented  " .. JOS seems to forget if it wasn't for (his step-daughter) he would of been sent to Jail .. ".
Recall that at John O'Sullivan's trial in February 2004 her pregnant daughter took the blame for sending most of the text messages involved.
(More relating to this can be found in "SpotlightON - John Anthony O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels" Appendix A "The Real Barbara Bracci" -

4.1.3 "Huffington Post and their lies about John O'Sullivan

On the 7th November 2012 John O'Sullivan posted an article on his blog in which he presented his version of how he was acquitted of those charges

- " .. Naturally, such a salacious story had initially filled the British national press .. ". It appears that only the Daily Express, Daily Mirror and Daily Star found it worth mentioning and then only deep inside the paper. Even the local journals pushed it away to pages 9 and 19.

- " .. I mounted my own defense and .. A verdict of “not guilty” was handed down on all charges within 30 minutes .. ". As mentioned in sub-section 4.1.2, the press reports indicated that the verdict took much longer. The acquittal may have owed much to the evidence of his teenaged step-daughter. Her claim to have sent most of the messages from New York could well have caused the magistrate to have reasonable doubt.

- " .. medical evidence that could have proven the girl was mentally ill was never allowed to be presented at trial .. ". No such evidence appears to exist.

- " .. No press stories ever appeared about my complete vindication or about the exposure of the police and prosecution conspiracy .. ". As shown in sub-section 4.1.2, his acquittal appears to have been given as much press exposure as were the allegations against him.

4.1.4 The "Factual" Novel "Vanilla Girl"

Extracts presented here relate to John O'Sullivan's misleading claims to being an accredited UK academic and successful USA litigator. Recall that the lead characters "Leo Odysseus Bloom" and "Carla Limoncello Bloom were based upon John O'Sullivan and his wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan. "Vanilla Girl" Rebecca had her real given name and John O'Sullivan's step-daughter Alecia was given the pseudonym Lita.

John O'Sullivan's focus on the real and anticipated financial benefits arising from "Leo's" marriage to "Carla" is a repeating theme in both of his novels. Chapter 17

John O'Sullivan talked about how Rebecca asked "Leo" - “Would you ever marry again if you and Carla got divorced?”. "Leo" responded - “ Well, I don’t know .. who says I’m thinking about divorce?”. Rebecca continued - “Well, you and her don’t really get on so well and she is missing Lita a lot isn’t she? She might go back to New York and you said you don’t want to live there again, didn’t you?”.
Leo thought  " .. She was right .. I was afraid unless I got things straightened out here I was in danger of not only losing my wife but a valuable financial lifeline .. ". Chapter 18 

John O'Sullivan described how "Leo" contemplated his current girlfriend and on 3rd Jan. 2003 thought " .. I guess on the surface most people would say I’m the villain and my wife (and other women) were the victims of my exploitative selfishness .. I knew she was never going to let me go .. ".

He went on to think about "Carla's" E-mail that " .. I got a letter this morning from Human Rights,” .. That was good. This was some news about our special secret. Our secret kept to ourselves was the multi-million dollar lawsuit my combative Carla had filed against her former employer .. I promised her that once her settlement came through we would have her second child and make a substantial family home in Florida .. But I would be back and forth to visit my own family while my kids were still young. I would set up my ‘bachelor pad’ here and live the dream of a playboy life in London. I had it all sorted .. ”. Chapter 43

John O'Sullivan went on to talk about how, on 17th Feb. 2004 (one week before his trial in the UK) "Leo" refers to " .. the icing on the cake will be that big, fat juicy litigation settlement coming my wife’s way in her New York employment suit. Bridges can be rebuilt, perhaps, once I clear my name. Money to be made, Leo: money to be made! .. " Chapter 54 

John O'Sullivan described how, following his acquittal, "Leo" returned to the arms of his rich lady-friend "Charlotte". They both visited his lawyer to complain about his treatment after the trial and his poor employment prospects. He also questioned how  committed she was to helping him.  His lawyers reaction was " .. frankly .. when I first read your file I didn’t think you had a prayer…But then two things transpired to save you…Firstly .. the complainant’s own tape recording helped discredit the prosecution witnesses .. But it was your stepdaughter’s confession that really saved your bacon .. ".

Later "Charlotte" chastised "Leo" for wallowing in self pity. He thought about how " .. high educational abilities though I possessed, I had always experienced no little difficulty in making both ends meet without the firm guidance of a woman’s purse to motivate me .. " before commenting “ .. All well and good you saying that, Charlotte, but I’ve got bills to pay-creditors to keep from the door. I don’t think you’re father is going to let you support an acquitted chicken plucker! .. ” (see FOOTNOTE). See also "Summit Shock" Chapter 23 for the opinion of "Charlotte's" father about "Leo" - a ‘work shy waster’ - (

 "Leo" went on to tell "Charlotte" of his plight “ .. I have nothing…if I divorce my wife I will get nothing of hers…she’s shrewd…she’s put none of her money in anything in England…she’s got all her assets in New York…if I divorce her now I will quite likely lose my house. My life is as fragile as a champagne glass right now. You don’t know her…she will finish me financially… ”.


On the 13th July 2012 Andrew Skolnick asked John O'Sullivan's wife about his employment history. Her response included:

- 1996-1997 selling art work for an art gallery in England,
- 1996-1999 supply teacher for County of Suffolk, England,
- 2001 chicken plucker at a factory outside of Lowestoft, England,
- 2001-2003 supply teacher for County of Norfolk, England,

When asked if John O'Sullivan was ever employed in a job while he lived in the United States she replied "No".

(see Appendix A, Note 8 of  "Spotlight On PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd" - 

His employment as a chicken plucker was confirmed by the real "Charlotte" on the 30th July 2012. Chapter 55

John O'Sullivan described how, having been acquitted of the charges against him, "Leo" met up with his friend "Telemachus Johns" in the 12th May 2004. After discussing his thoughts about taking action against the police for falsifying evidence, "Telemachus" advised him to " .. take my advice and leave your money in your wife’s pocket. Move on with your life. You’ve had your ‘get out of jail free’ card from your stepdaughter and I’ll bet, as sure as hell you won’t get another .. ".

Recall that after the trial Prosecutor Matthew McNiff had said that the evidence of John O'Sullivan's step-daughter had ambushed his case (see sub-section 4.1.2).

Stung by the flippant comments from his friend, "Leo" retaliated with " .. “Telemachus Johns: black belt third Dan in the ignoble arts of upskirting and downblousing. Never knowingly caught surreptitiously spotting the tumescent dog .. " (see also C2.2.1). Chapter 58

John O'Sullivan described how, on the 1st April 2005, "Leo" comments " .. As you probably guessed, I got nowhere with my action against the police. I wanted my windfall but all it was going to bring was my downfall. No sense in throwing good money after bad .. ".

4.2 The Basis of "Summit Shock"

John O'Sullivan self-published this "non-fiction" novel in September 2009 on the WeBOOK Publishing web-site ( ) claiming that " .. I've had success in the past in getting stuff published and had interest from top New York agencies. But when those establishment professionals read extracts from my latest manuscript, 'Summit Shock' they drop me like a hot coal! Why? Because they're afraid of being sued/rocking the establishment boat .. " ( ).

As mentioned in sub-section 4.1, there may have been more usual reasons why publishers dropped him "like a hot coal".

4.2.1 The Basis According to John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan's 2005 blog "Exposing Spitzer" provides a useful introduction to his interpretation of the facts on which he based his "factual" novel "Summit Shock".

The blog is directed at Elliott Spitzer, who was then the New York Stae Attorney General. It begins " .. If you have ever suspected our media-loving Attorney General seems too good to be true then you're right! Here is the shocking truth about .. unlawful methods in handling the case of Bracci v NYSDOCS .. " ( The blog articles start with four derogatory and graphic ones concerning the Attorney General before the next three focus on the Bracci v NYSDOCS case. (That "our" - my bold - implies that John O'Sullivan was a New York State resident in November 2005, a claim refuted by his wife as discussed in sub-section 2.2.4).

The gist of the remaining articles is provided by the following extracts but readers should refer to the articles for the full context4.2.1.1 “The Background: Bracci v NYSDOCS”


During the year 1995 Corrections Officer Barbara Bracci is sexually harassed and coerced into giving sexual favors to her supervisor .. She is brutally raped several times .. She is compelled to perform sexual acts on videotape for the (supervisor). She is threatened with dismissal if she does not comply. She complains .. but is ‘written up’ for making unsubstantiated complaints after a self-serving internal investigation. Her complaint also related to several incidents of hostile work environment as well as the quid pro quo acts of (the supervisor). Finally, in desperation, she takes the advice of a friend and former attorney and makes numerous audiotapes of these unwelcome encounters with (the supervisor). She also keeps a meticulous written record of events, times and dates of abuses that occurred at their place of work. In January 1996 she presents her evidence to Superintendent .. who listens to the damning words of (the supervisor). He takes two of the audiotapes off her. They are never seen again. A further self-serving investigation results in (the supervisor’s) transfer to Sing Sing and Bracci is fined $9,000 and constructively dismissed from her employment. Her attorney .. files charges with NYS Division of Human Rights. The DHR Administrative Judge retrieves enough of (the supervisor’s) damning confessions from remaining audiotapes to make a determination. New York State DHR finds a judgement of ‘Probable Cause’ in her favor in 1998. The case is referred to full trial and DHR and attorney .. issue subpoenas on (the AG) so all the audiotapes and the records from Summit Facility he held could be used as key evidence.

… the offices of Attorney General do all they can to stall and stymie this rape victim’s claim. But the case finally gets filed in Federal Court and in 2005 witness depositions of correctional co-workers proves that male officers, some her senior, were ‘floating’ sexually explicit videotapes of Bracci stolen from her by another co-worker. It is proven that such tapes were shown to numerous work colleagues unbeknown to her at her place of work and elsewhere. Such damning testimony proves that senior correctional staff had been implicated in a conspiracy to ‘bury’ her complaint throughout. Inspector General .. was proven to have deceitfully hidden evidence of these abuses. Moreover, two audiotapes have been ‘lost’ by the Assistant Attorney General .. under the supervision of (the AG). (The AAG) also refused to give back to Bracci’s attorney five other audiotapes that would have conclusively proven that there was a conspiracy by officers to destroy crucial evidence in the case; the written records from Summit Facility were also illegally destroyed despite the Attorney General .. being served two subpoenas to preserve all such crucial evidence in the case. Indeed, during (a) Corrections Officer .. Deposition it transpired that (the officer) was allowed to take videotape and erase its contents with the full knowledge of (the AG). While in (the AG’s) possession somehow (the rapist’s) .. personnel file gets shredded. With so much key physical evidence ‘lost’ or spoliated over several years the office of Attorney General is now implicated in these unlawful conspiratorial acts. In November 2005 Bracci is made an unofficial ‘off the record’ offer of re-instatement and immediate pensioning off at a cost of at least $300,000 to make her complaint go away. There is no doubt this matter would bring considerable discredit on (the AG) and fatally wound his reputation and candidacy as the next Governor of New York State.
A conference will be convened at the regional offices of the State Division of Human Rights on January 23rd 2006 to analyse these disturbing issues. .. A full Public Hearing has been assigned to the court calendar for 18-20th April 2006. Barbara Bracci will also invite prominent media correspondents and interested political and legal observers to attend to witness the extent of the corruption (the AG) has presided over during his tenure

 .. UNQUOTE. "adding Arthur Anderson, Barbara Bracci and (the AG)".

This article begins " .. while New York Division of Human Rights ordered (the AG) not to destroy the log books, personnel files, audio and videotapes, etc. during the Bracci V NYSDOCS DHR case .. He burned the lot and gave Human Rights and rape victim and mother of one , Bracci the finger! .. ". It then includes what purports to be a letter from his wife to the AG which includes QUOTE: .. your office .. has repeatedly attacked me (a victim of the brutal rapist you defend) and destroyed crucial evidence pertaining to the recorded confessions of my attacker; log books of the places, times and dates of these offences; shredded the personnel file of my attacker; erased videotaped evidence implicating others who abused me, etc. Your conduct is a contemptuous and wilful violation of the lawful subpoena of my attorney .. as well as the Order to preserve such evidence made upon you by New York State Division of Human Rights .. I have just been notified that a conference between us will be convened at the regional offices of the State Division of Human Rights on January 23rd 2006 .. A full Public Hearing has been assigned to the court calendar for 18-20th April 2006 .. Sincerely, Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan .. UNQUOTE.

(Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan has advised that John O'Sullivan was the author of many of her submissions.) "Why I Think (the AG) is a Criminal"

QUOTE: .. (the AG) has orchestrated a cover up of nauseating proportions in the sexual harassment suit of Bracci versus NYSDOCS. (The AG) has deliberately shown ‘bad faith’ in the concealment and spoliation of physical evidence he retains unjustly, namely, property of Ms Bracci, the 7 mini audio tapes given .. to her employer when she first made her complaint .. in January 1996. She cited precise .. locations with exact times and dates where sex acts where performed upon her by supervisor .. that were unwelcome .. NYDOCS and (the AG) have destroyed all such evidence .. the AG's defense (is) that Bracci's .. fellow New York State Corrections Officers at Summit Shock Camp, were legally entitled to pass around at work for their own salacious pleasure, pornographic videotapes made of, and stolen from .. Barbara Bracci.
.. A comparable case of similar sexual harassment .. eventually prevailed and (the claimant) was eventually awarded $1.6 million ...
By his own admission (the supervisor) admits the videotape was known to have been ‘floating around’ … Bracci was complaining about the videotapes on or around January 1996 .. Supervisors .. knew of the ‘floating’ of the videotapes .. and should have investigated the full extent and circumstances of her co- workers viewing salacious and defamatory imagery detrimental to Bracci’s status ...
(The AG) .. has failed to provide plaintiff counsel with copies of the ‘Dead Records’ Room’ at her former place of work .. We have been instructed all such documents have been unlawfully destroyed .. The 7 mini audiotapes made by Bracci for the express purpose of recording her conversations with (the supervisor) .. Bracci supplied this evidence to her employer to assist (theAG) in investigating her complaint.  .. partially inaudible ‘copies’ of these audiotapes have been made available to the plaintiff .. by NYDOCS are doctored and muffled so as to be useless .. (the AG) should present to Ms Bracci her original 7 mini audiotapes so that she may collate and properly present her proof to the trier of fact .. UNQUOTE. "My letter to (the AG)"

QUOTE: .. Re: Spoliation of Evidence in NYSDHR case of Bracci v NYSDOCS … The circumstantial evidence available to us in the case of Bracci v NYSDOCS shows that a valid cause of action now exists against you as Attorney General of the State of New York by vicarious liability for personal injury caused by officers acting under your instructions .. Between January 1995 and until your offices took over the case, either NYSDOCS officers (or perhaps AG officers) spoliated evidence .. Your conduct .. will amount to an obstruction of justice .. you conspired to ignore such unlawful conduct with the sole intention of acting as an accomplice in the suppression of the crimes of rape .. brutally inflicted on my wife, Barbara during 1995 while employed at Summit Correctional Facility, NY. This was in concert with the hostile work environment she endured from other NYS Corrections Officers at that time ….
My wife, our daughter and me have suffered considerably in what you lawyers would term "non-economic damages" including pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental suffering, emotional distress, loss of society and companionship, loss of consortium, injury to reputation and humiliation.  .. then "punitive damages" might be awarded .. in addition to the compensatory damages ..
.. there was a significant emotional injury to my wife, Barbara Bracci .. and .. (the AG) .. caused injury directly, indirectly or by a failure to take action .. thus allowing the injury to occur. .. you as Attorney General committed a professional malpractice .. and thereby caused us unlawful injury. .. you may also be guilty of the facilitation, participation or approval of the tortious conduct of another (Assistant Attorney General .., Inspector General .., Superintendent .., CO .., Captain .. et al.).
We seek just compensation .. Sincerely, John and Barbara O’Sullivan, Delhi, New York .. UNQUOTE.

In November 2015 Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan advised that John O'Sullivan had written much of her New York State Division of Human Rights case material. She was not aware of it all but if that letter had indeed been sent to the Attorney General then she would have had to send it because she was in the USA and John O'Sullivan was in the UK. As far as she could recall the content of the letter was factual.

4.2.2 The Basis According to the United States District Court, N.D. New York

About two months before John O'Sullivan posted his rants about Eliot Spitzer the USA Federal Northern District Court made its ruling in the case of Bracci v NYSDOCS et al.
On the 30th September 2005 the court ordered that " .. all federal claims are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE .. all state law claims and counterclaims are DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE TO REFILING IN STATE COURT .. "

Included in the preamble to that order was a section "III Factual Background" which advised that QUOTE: .. 

Plaintiff was employed by DOCS as a Corrections Officer from June 1983 until October 20, 1996. From approximately 1988 until October 20, 1996, she was assigned to work at Summit. Plaintiff asserts that she was subjected to a hostile work environment by the actions of fellow .. officers at Summit. In this regard, in the summer of 1988 or 1989 Plaintiff began a consensual relationship with (an officer) .. not named as a defendant in this action. Plaintiff alleges that during the course of this relationship, (he) stole a video tape of Plaintiff engaging in "intimate sexual activities" with a man with whom she had formerly had a long-term relationship. Plaintiff believes, although she has no first hand knowledge of the fact, that (he) brought this video tape to Summit and displayed it to the corrections staff while she was out of work on disability in 1993 ..

During their relationship, Plaintiff also made at least one sexually explicit video tape with (him) that she gave to him. After Plaintiff's relationship with (him) ended in 1992, (he) showed this video tape (and possibly others) to other corrections officers. Plaintiff asserts that after (he) showed the video tapes to Summit staff members, she began to be sexually propositioned by various staff members. ..  She further claims that when she refused these propositions, she was retaliated against by such actions as abusive comments and unwarranted discipline. .. One such instance was a Notice of Discipline which Plaintiff was served with on June 2, 1994 ("June 2, 1994 NOD"). .. The June 2, 1994 NOD charged Plaintiff with leaving her post while on duty at Summit on April 19, 1994, and with falsifying a report to the facility Superintendent regarding the incident. The NOD sought Plaintiff's discharge as a sanction .. 

Plaintiff's testimony as to when she learned of (his) purported conduct in showing the video tapes, and when he was showing the tapes, is unclear. She testified first at her deposition that she learned that (he) was showing the videos in early January 1996 after the events with (the Captain) .. "came to a head." .. However she also testified in her deposition that she had "heard that [the videos] were out there," and "had reason to believe in 1995 that [they were] being shown by (him) to other officers." .. Plaintiff has admitted .. that in 1995 (1) she had reason to believe that Nickels was showing the tapes to other officers and (2) she was advised by (the Captain) that she should file a complaint with DOCS' Office of Affirmative Action regarding the tapes. …

Nonetheless, despite that (1) Plaintiff was aware of DOCS' anti-harassment policy and the procedures for filing a complaint of workplace harassment .. Plaintiff never filed a complaint with the employer regarding (his) purported conduct.

Plaintiff also asserts that she was subjected to quid pro quo sexual harassment by (the Captain) ... In this regard, shortly after Plaintiff received the June 2, 1994 NOD, (the Captain) was assigned as the Corrections Captain at Summit and became Plaintiff's supervisor. (The Captain) learned of the troubles that Plaintiff was having with the other officers and that she had been served with the June 2, 1994 NOD. Even though (the Captain) did not issue the NOD, he told Plaintiff that, if she engaged in a sexual relationship with him, he would "make the [June 2, 1994 NOD] go away" and would stop the other corrections officers from harassing her. .. Plaintiff unwillingly capitulated to (the Captain's) demands and commenced a sexual relationship with him that last from October 1994 until December 1995. .. During this period, Plaintiff asserts that (the Captain) forced her to engage in repeated non-consensual sexual acts.

Sometime before April 27, 1995 (the Captain’s birthday), Plaintiff consulted with an attorney regarding (the Captain’s) conduct in forcing her to engage in unwelcome sexual relations. The attorney supposedly told Plaintiff to continue her relationship .. to tape-record her conversations and encounters .. to gain evidence against him; to "go along with what (the Captain) did" and to keep a diary of (the Captain's) demands and her sexual encounters with him. .. Plaintiff did so and continued the relationship with (the Captain), even making two video tapes of herself .. in her bedroom and giving them to (theCaptain) as a birthday present. …. (the Captain) purportedly did not like what Plaintiff was wearing in the video and told her to make a second video, which she did. 

.. Plaintiff also admits .. that the attorney who advised her to continue the relationship with (the Captain) was also "arranging for plaintiff and (the Captain) to engage in a three-way sexual encounter with another of [the attorney's] clients or acquaintances, which was being arranged to celebrate (the Captain's) birthday." ...

Plaintiff asserts that (the Captain’s) conduct stopped sometime in December of 1995 after she refused (his) instruction to have sex with (his) .. son. .. At about this same, Plaintiff contends that she was subjected to unwarranted disciplinary action by (the Captain). When this occurred, Plaintiff told two DOCS employees that she had been forced by (the Captain) to engage in unwanted sexual relations. One employee, in turn, advised Superintendent .. of the allegations, and then forced Plaintiff to call the Superintendent. On January 2, 1996, Plaintiff called Superintendent .. and met with him on January 4, 1996 at which time she asserted that (the Captain) was sexually harassing her. At the meeting, Plaintiff played two audio tapes for (the Superintendent) that Plaintiff recorded during sexual encounters with (the Captain). .. (The Superintendent) ordered Plaintiff to "put something in writing" regarding her complaint (which she never did). .. Immediately after the meeting, (the Superintendent) called DOCS' Deputy Commissioner .. and advised him of the nature of Plaintiff's allegations. On the same day, (the Superintendent) forwarded the two audio tapes to DOCS' Office of Affirmative Action.

At about the same time, Plaintiff called Investigator .. of the New York State Attorney General's Office and made a similar complaint. On January 5, 1996, (the Investigator) telephone DOCS' Deputy Inspector General .. and communicated to him the nature of Plaintiff's allegations regarding (the Captain). (The Inspector) interviewed Plaintiff the same day. Subsequently, an investigation was opened by DOCS' Inspector General, its Office of Affirmative Action, and its Bureau of Labor Relations.
Plaintiff contends that on January 4, 1996, the June 2, 1994 NOD was "reactivated" and scheduled for a hearing. .. Plaintiff argues that the "reactivation" of the June 2, 1994 NOD was a form of retaliation for having complained of sexual harassment. She further argues, albeit without factual support, that (the Captain) used his influence to "reactivate" the June 2, 1994 NOD. However, the uncontradicted facts indicate that the prosecution of the NOD was never "deactivated," but rather proceeded to final arbitration according to standard procedure, albeit with a few delays caused by Plaintiff .. 
On January 16, 1996, Plaintiff meet with DOCS' Ins. General .. (and) (a representative of DOCS' Office of Affirmative Action), and .. (a representative of DOCS' Bureau of Labor Relations). During the course of the investigation, (the Captain) and other DOCS employees were interviewed. At the close of the investigation, it was determined that Plaintiff had engaged in purely consensual relationship with (the Captain) and, therefore, her claims of harassment were deemed unfounded. However, it was determined that by engaging in a consensual relationship with a subordinate, (the Captain) had compromised his ability to supervise the correctional staff at Summit. Accordingly, on January 22, 1996, (the Captain) was transferred to Sing Sing Correctional Facility and Plaintiff had no further contact with him in the workplace. .. 

On February 20, 1996, Plaintiff filed criminal charges of Rape, Sodomy and Aggravated Sexual Abuse against (the Captain). Apparently, the police found insufficient probable cause to prosecute these charges. The Counterclaims asserted in this action are state law claims brought by (the Captain) based upon these failed criminal charges. …

On October 20, 1996, Plaintiff tripped over a floor mat, herniated a cervical disk, and went out on disability due to the physical injuries from the fall. .. Plaintiff filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights ("NYSDHR") on November 4, 1996, asserting that she had been "sexually harassed by [her] Captain .. since October of 1994 when he forced her into a sexual relationship as a quid pro quo for taking care of the June 2, 1994 NOD. .. Plaintiff further alleged in the NYSDHR complaint that she reported (the Captain's) unlawful conduct to DOCS' .. in October 1995, to "the union" in November, 1995, and to the Superintendent on January 2, 1996. …
Plaintiff contends that in February of 1997, while she was still out on disability leave, she applied for a transfer to the Woodbourne Correctional Facility. … She purportedly was "warned" that "the facility was aware of what she had done at Summit, that she was a troublemaker, that they would be watching her, and that they would not put up with anything from her at Woodbourne." .. Bracci "took this to mean that the hostile environment and retaliation would follow her, and continue and that she was constructively discharged." …

On June 28, 1997, an arbitration hearing was held regarding the June 2, 1994 NOD. On October 20, 1997, after being out on Workers' Compensation for one year, and it appearing that Plaintiff could not return to her job, her employment with DOCS was terminated. .. On March 27, 1999, an Opinion and Award was issued on the June 2, 1994 NOD. Plaintiff was found guilty of all charges, and she was suspended for three months without pay. However, DOCS agreed not to take disciplinary action because, at the time, Plaintiff had already left DOCS' employment. …

Plaintiff testified that her symptoms from her physical injuries have never improved and she has not been employed since October of 1996. .. Since her departure from DOCS in October 1996, Plaintiff has continued to receive .. disability benefits from DOCS, Social Security, and the New York State Insurance Fund


4.2.3 The "Factual" Novel "Summit Shock"

The fact-based novel "Summit Shock" is discussed in detail in "SpotlightON - John O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels", Section 2 ( ).

As done for "Vanilla Girl" (sub-section 4.1.4), extracts presented here relate mainly to John O'Sullivan's claims to being an accredited UK academic and successful USA litigator.

Again recall that the lead characters Leo Odysseus Bloom and Carla Limoncello Bloom are based upon John O'Sullivan and his wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan.

The theme about the plans that "Leo" had carefully prepared for getting his hands on a share of whatever money "Carla" had at her disposal is evident here, just as in his earlier novel "Vanilla Girl" (see sub-section 4.1.4). Chapter 22 "Hitting London"

This described how on Thursday 20th September 1998 "Leo Bloom" arrived in the UK, having " .. escaped from New York .. to prepare the nest for her and that brat daughter .. With my cold heart I had tended to my plans. All I needed was her American money and I would be set fair for life .. Carla got her cheque for thirty grand - Social Security back dated .. I could anticipate the regular ker-ching doling the dirty dollar .. I kept my end of the bargain .. the three of us all settled adequately at my humble seaside abode .. on the windswept East Anglia coast. It was good news all the way. Carla’s excellent employment attorney .. scored the financial hat trick of Worker’s Compensation, Social Security plus an employee’s disability pension for us. My wife was ecstatic – we had COLA for life! I agreed it was a good start. But it wasn’t the bounty I had my sights set on .. counting down the days until my wife’s million-dollar medical malpractice judgment would land .. I waited patiently, took a chunk of her thirty grand and put a deposit down a new Benz, bought a couple some sharp suits and .. zipped off with my fattening fool of a wife to spend her money as freely as she would let me .. And to fool my dear wife, and as a plausible cover for my regular absences from the home, I took on those occasional days of substitute teaching. It had long been my erstwhile profession .. each week I would seemingly work a few days in the classroom but I’d always make time to secrete myself into the bed of some pub bar Barbie or World Wide Web Wendy .. ".

John O'Sullivan then described how that eagerly awaited million-dollar medical malpractice judgement landed with " .. an even bigger jolt .. The judge ruled in Hooper’s favour. Awarding costs to the defendant .. my dreams of a life-changing windfall were fast disappearing .. 'Appeal – surely you have a right to appeal!' .. I had no choice; my dreams of a life-changing windfall were fast disappearing .. ".

NB: The appeal made by Barbara Bracci against the dismissal of her claim against William Hopper, MD. et al. was dismissed on the 27th July 2000 (

Next John O'Sullivan described how a package dated December 29th 1998 came from the USA " .. State of New York Executive Department DIVISION OF HUMAN RIGHTS .. " concerning " .. Limoncello –v- NYSDOCS: COMPLAINT .. ". After describing the background to "Carla's complaint the document concludes with the well-received news that " .. Based on the foregoing analysis and the record as a whole. I find Probable Cause to believe that a violation of the Human Rights Law occurred .. ". "Carla" and "Leo" are dejected that there is no mention of any compensation and "Carla's" lawyer advises that follow-up action must be taken " .. “It’s either a full hearing before the Division of Human Rights or we can go to the federal court .. ". "Leo" bemoanes the fact that it could take several more years before any payment might be made.

The chapter concludes with "Leo's" attention being drawn to a June 1999 article in the Telegraph about "the secrets of Cupboard 55" ( Recall John O'Sullivan's reference to this in his profiles (see Appendix C, sub-sections C2.3 and C4.3). Chapter 23 "Her Shrink Wrapped Beguiler"

In this chapter John O'Sullivan began " .. I reflected on her harassment case and the thought how long we still had to wait .. Undoubtedly, from my own perspective as the respectful, but estranged husband .. coming to service her personal and domestic needs for a further twenty-four months was going to take the gloss off my shiny Mercedes .. ".

He then moved on to discuss their failing marriage, how " .. Depression was diagnosed. My doctor put me on forty milligrams of Prozac and Carla’s quack sent her off for psychiatric counselling .. Everyone talked that our marriage was heading for a terminal decline. There was even some talk of divorce whenever .. my hellish neighbour, had spied me sneaking another Internet conquest into my pad .. I'm a cheat, a cad a ne’er do well .. ".

John O;Sullivan then introduced the basis for his other "factual" novel "Vanilla Girl" (discussed in sub-section 4.1) " .. Sadly for me, that was when the worst of my troubles began. April 2003 I think it was, when Lita befriended .. Beguiling dark-eyed beauty, Rebecca van Hiller .. Carla .. also completely taken in by the conniving child .. within weeks, Rebecca had a room in my wife’s plush residence .. ".

He then moved on to discuss a new financially secure conquest " .. Meanwhile, back in North Haven I grabbed the opportunity to feather my own bed with the new lady in my life .. an Internet conquest with some cache .. Ms Charlotte Mayes .. a good prospect- attractive, blonde, great curves and the absolute opposite of my wife in character and looks .. But the icing on the cake was her father: a self-made millionaire. I liked the sound of that. After all, I have aspirations for the finer things in life and my tastes have always rather exceeded my means .. ".

He went on to talk about how " .. My marriage finally imploded and I ended up moving in with my millionaire’s daughter .. Mr. Millionaire Mayes was less than happy that his daughter was consorting with what he termed a ‘work shy waster.’ .. I did the only sensible thing a man in my position would do. I rebuilt my broken bridges with Carla .. She forgave my philanderings and I resolved to turn my life around and write a book about our ordeal with the vixen van Hiller .. “.

After returning to “Carla’s” counseling sessions John O'Sullivan closes the chapter with “ .. Thank god I can put her back on the plane to whisk her back to the ‘Land of the Free’ .. next week. Goodbye, good riddance and goodnight .. ". Chapter 24: "Baby's Close Shave"

In this chapter "Leo" is summed up by John o'Sullivan as " .. Frugal and cheap. Yes, that’s me .. Where do I go from there? I’m 43, no job, no prospects .. ".

John O'Sullivan then went on to quote from a 24th May 2004 E-mail from "Carla" in which she talks excitedly about the birth of her grand-daughter " .. I wired five hundred on Western Union – should cover the mortgage and some left over. I tried calling – but you were obviously out with someone. It’s getting old, Leo - very sad when a man your age goes chasing after young chickies .. ".

He then went on to bemoan his wife's return to the UK " .. I truly hoped the birth of her granddaughter would have spared me this ordeal at least until the teething and colic stage. In my euphoria at the birth I had thought my blessings had been delivered and the broody woman would find long-term vicarious satisfaction in the surrogacy of grandmotherhood .. sadly I was not to be spared. So Carla was back .. I was back on the Limoncello payroll and steering a fine line between pleasure and pain, week in, week out fuelled by cash coming from Carla .. At least by cooperating with her on her sexual harassment case it kept my up to speed as the when my dream of a magnificent cash windfall may finally arrive .. ".
                        Chapter 29 "A Husband's Deceit"

John O'Sullivan talked about how "Leo" had coped with his wife's " .. physical and mental deterioration as best I could, as I felt compensated financially by her paying my bills. However, she was not only getting more tardy in her appearance, she was slipping on her payments, too. I put up with as long as I could but feeling ever more the baleful Bloom I drove surreptitiously to meet with my attorneys situated near the dockside. Within four days their letter arrived confirming the next stage of my plan .. ".

The plan outlined by his solicitor was to " .. divorce your wife in England for you reside here. You can apply to the Court for an Order for what is called ancillary relief in England. We discussed in our meeting your plan to use the Hague Convention to use international law to assist you…. The new rules on international divorces do help you in this matter. However there would be some considerable time delay before we could fully apply any UK Order in a New York court.  I recommend you … encourage her to invest as much of her capital into UK property so that we may apply a lien and compel her to comply with your demands for an equitable share of community property. You will represent yourself on 22nd January when your case comes before the East Anglia County Court when G-MAC is applying for an Order of Possession of your home .. "

He went on to quote an 8th January 2008 E-mail to "Carla" which included " .. When are you coming over to England? I need you to get yourself here to come to court and help me protect my home repossession. I did what I told you I would do. I went to see my lawyers…I need legally guarantees from you on my house payments…I hope you will be fair with me .. ".

The manner in and extent to which this part of his plan eventually played out is not presented in this 2009 novel. Norwich County Court did not grant a decree nisi to John O'Sullivan until the 9th September 2013 and his attempt to get his hands on a share of his wife's disability pension and other financial assets she might have requires him to pursue his claim through the New York State courts. As "Leo's" lawyers advised " .. there would be some considerable time delay before we could fully apply any UK Order in a New York court .. " - if the New York courts ever sanctioned it!

"SpotlightON - John O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels" ( Section 3 "Fiscal Fecundity Fantasy" covers this aspect of John O'Sullivan's "Cupboard 55" genre family saga. Chapter 30 "How the Mighty Oaks Fall"

This chapter focussed on the fall from grace of one-time New York State Attorney  General and Governor Elliott Spitzer (see sub-section 4.2.1). Chapter 31 "OBSTRUCTING THE TRUTH"

This chapter began with an attack on Eliot Spitzer then moved on to talk about how, in March 2008, "Leo's" anticipated agent for his two novels "Summit Shock" and "Vanilla Girl" turned her back on him. " .. I took the blow .. hard. It whacked me very painfully in the viscera between an ulcerated bowel and the entrails of my pride .. ". 

After further rants relating to Eliot Spitzer, an attack on New York Sate press and mention of "Leo's" final encounter with one of his mistresses, John O'Sullivan concluded with " .. as I reflected on another icy bitch, a certain Rebecca van Hiller – the teenager torturer of maudlin older men. But that’s another story .. ", i.e. "Vanilla Girl" (see sub-section 4.1). Chapters 33 and 34 "CRAVEN CULLER" and "THE LETTER OF OBJECTION"

In these chapters John O'Sullivan talked about the dismissal in April 2008 of "Carla's" claims against New York State and the long letter of objections that "Leo" wrote on "Carla's" behalf, sent to the NYS Division of Human Rights in May 2008. Chapters 35 "GOVERNOR PATERSON’S PATSY"

John O'Sullivan begins this chapter with "Leo" bemoaning his shortage of funds and his call for assistance from his estranged wife to stave off the bailiffs - and worse. " .. Tut, tut - this is the third time, Mr. Bloom, your monthly fees are well overdue .. The ignominy of my increasing privations served to steel my resolve to squeeze every dollar from this never-ending nightmare of a lawsuit. I dreaded the postman’s arrival each day – the stack of final demands letters served to render me on a perpetual adrenaline driven obsession to do or die. Bailiffs had been at my door at my door twice in less than three weeks. Every possession of worth I had was carefully noted on their inventories .. If payment weren’t made in fourteen days my house would be cleared .. Bankruptcy was an increasing likelihood .. ".

He went on to discuss "Leo's" proposal to use a mandamus petition as a vehicle for pursuing "Carla's" sexual harassment claim against New York State..

NB: John O'Sullivan lists mandamus petitions in the "Other Skills" section of his CV (see Section 2.1, Page 2). When trying in 2010 to persuade others to support him financially in setting up his private publishing company Principia Scientific International he repeatedly proposed the use of a mandamus petition. This is discussed in "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd. sub-section 2.1, para. 6 ( e.g. on 26th and 28th December he said “ .. I am happy to work with one of my contacts in the DC area to file a mandamus in the federal court in D.C. on behalf of PSI .. we are going to challenge NOAA/GISS/GHCN .. $3,000 and less than 12 month’s work will win us this important victory I strongly urge you and all our most influential scientists and advocates to back Principia Scientific International (launching January 2011) to win subscribers, build the necessary fighting (fund).. We have targeted our first $3,000 'low cost option' - a mandamus petition against NASA GISS/NOAA in the federal court in Washington DC ..  (see E-mail) Chapter 36 "INDEPENDENCE DAY"

John O'Sullivan described how on Friday 4th July 2008 "Leo" met up in a pub with his close friend "Telemachus Johns", who advised QUOTE: ..  " .. I have the perfect plan for you – here’s how you to get rich and throw off that New York millstone from your neck .. " .. As he had done on many occasion these past years, he enunciated about the route to fiscal fecundity by way of Bloom relieving his estranged wife of her anticipated fortune .. File for divorce, man! .. She’ll have her millions and .. a good divorce lawyer will slice off your half of her winnings and you’re away. Master stroke!” .. .. sometime you’re gonna have to stop being the mooch - sucking off cash cow Carla .. Wise up – plan your escape man, quick .. Carla’s gonna get her fifteen minutes of fame and you need to jump right into her spotlight and get a piece of it .. Go take it while you can while she’s still hooked .. " .. UNQUOTE.

"Leo" commented " .. I want to believe I’m going to make a million out of all this-one way or another .. " then John O'Sullivan moved on to describe how the next day "Carla" 'phoned "Leo" to advise that her claim against New York State had been rejected, saying " .. I knew it, I did! Paterson’s pulled Kirkland’s strings to cover Spitzer’s ass. We got just sixty days to file an appeal in the Supreme Court .. ”.

John O'Sullivan moved on the describe a 'phone call between "Carla" and "Leo" on the 7th July 2008 in which "Leo" complained “ .. I got another letter about it this morning- threat to repossess – they’re taking my house .. ”. "Carla" responded “That’s a lot of crap, Leo. I make the payments every month – I won’t let you lose your home .. ” (see also Appendix D footnote).

The novel moved on to the 9th July 2008 with "Leo" thinking " .. Carla came back with a promise to clear my mortgage payment if I drafted a revised mandamus. I had used my time wisely. No longer was I the stumbling sophomore at the Law School of Judge Judy. Now Google had surrendered up Columbia Law School’s ‘A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual’ (6th Edition). Chapter 4 of Volume II gave me exactly what I needed to formulate my legal challenge .. ".

John O'Sullivan then described how "Carla" E_mailed "Leo" agonising over how she had lost her grand-daughter " .. We have to turn her over on the 20th. Court said I mocked the father .. and I left Floella to spend 6 to 12 hours a day in a day care facility. All lies! This all stems from my lawsuit I know it. I cannot go on with out Floella! .. . Help me, Leo!!!! .. ".

"Leo" thought " .. I had completed my strategy for hitting the jackpot and my crazed wife’s effusive gratitude would attest to my brilliance. I was playing her on my legal strings in two big lawsuits now. Her custody case was the key to unlock the door to my future fortune. I had a strategy – to keep her in my debt I was going to win back her ‘baby Bella’, it seemed more important to her than anything and her ‘only real reason to live.’ But I was only going to do it after I had got her to give me what I needed from her employment case winnings. I needed cash – lots of it - and I was going to make sure the fat old sow gave it to me. I mulled over what I would do with all her millions when it comes .. ". Chapter 38 "Woeful in Wales"
In this final chapter John O'Sullivan talks about how "Leo Bloom", in 2009 now living with his "new partner" in Wales, had failed in his attempt to persuade the New York Appellate Court to overturn the decision of the lower court. His dream of "fiscal fecundity" had turned into a nightmare and he complained of how he and "Carla" had " .. been cheated of .. due payout from a multi-million dollar lawsuit when you know you have won the legal argument, hands down, against a corrupt US state. I say ‘know’ because there are only crumbs of comfort from knowing. Knowing is nice but it isn’t the same as ‘having.’ Having suits me better than knowing. In this life I know much but have little. It’s the not having that bothers me about it all, not the not knowing part .. I can live without knowing so much. I learned that from my ‘new partner,’ .. who rescued me in the nick of time when .. Carla, failed, to pay my mortgage for a third consecutive month. Here was a sweet young thing. Just twenty-three .. born within the same year, the very same month as the great obsession of my life, that nubile ripeness, that R van H tease of my school teaching days .. ".

(That reference to the "great obsession" of his life was to Rebecca "Van Hiller", the subject of John O'Sullivan's first novel "Vanilla Girl" - see sub-section 4.1).

John O'Sullivan goes on to discuss how "Leo Bloom" " .. had resolved to live with the blonde beauty in Resolven, a small village somewhere north of Neath, or was it Swansea .. I was gutted at having to give up my home .. I had to distract myself and mourn no more for the loss my beloved east coast home now rented cheaply to a family of three at the bargain rate of six-fifty a month .. ".

(See also Appendix A - "So You Want To Be A Journalist In South Wales?").

There is another reference to "Carla" contributing to "Leo's" mortgage " .. let me know what the shortfall is between the rent and the mortgage. I will pay the difference to the mortgage company direct if you give me the details .. ". After that John O'Sullivan moved on to talk about "Carla's" irritation over "Leo's" derogatory post about her on his blog and its impact upon her attempts to help her daughter "Lita" regain custody of her granddaughter "Estella". More relating to this can be found in "SpotlightON - John Anthony O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels" Appendix A "The Real Barbara Bracci"
NB: The claims pursued pro-se through NYS and Federal courts by Barbara O'Sullivan (with lay assistance from John O'Sullivan) relating to her employment by New York State Department of Correctional Service were all dismissed. John O'Sullivan's plans for achieving "fiscal fecundity" (Chapter 36) were destroyed. That left him with only the residue of his plans, i.e. to divorce his wife and get a share of his wife's other "winnings", that " .. financial hat trick of Worker’s Compensation, Social Security plus an employee’s disability pension .. " (Chapter 22) - but that is the basis for another "Cupboard55" novel (see "SpotlightON - John O'Sullivan's 'Factual' Novels", Section 3 "Fiscal Fecundity Fantasy" -


Sub-section 4.2.3 discussed how "Leo Bloom" had been forced to rent out his home on the East coast of England and had moved to the Swansea/Neath area of South Wales in the summer of 2009. In December 2011 John O'Sullivan was asked about the similarities between his novel "Vanilla Girl" (see sub-section 4.1) and media reports of another John O'Sullivan involved in a similar criminal case. In his response he discussed aspects of his two "factual" novels (Section 4.0) and advised that " .. I have been happily in a relationship with Lindsey (from Wales) for the last 5 years .. " (, i.e. since 2006/2007.

The Localtutor web-site advertises the services of a " .. Neath Port Talbot English Science Maths Art Tutor: Male high school teacher with over 20 years of experience able to tutor students in a broad range of subjects up to GCSE standard. Flexible hours to suit. John0Sullivan, Last Modified: May 3, 2013 Last seen: Aug 25, 2009, .. " (

In March 2010 John O'Sullivan posted the following article on his Wordpress blog, mentioning that he had been living in Wales since summer 2009. He included his application for employment with WalesOnline as a Feature Writer ( and


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So You Want to Be a Journalist in South Wales?

Well, as some of you may know, the demise of has come as an unexpected blow. Like a lot of middle-aged men I’m back foraging in the employment cattle market itching to get myself out of this enforced hiatus.

Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer with my new love, jobs in journalism are few and far between. But I shall give it a good crack, as they say. Here’s a copy of my latest submission:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

Re: Feature Writer Post

Having seen your vacancy advertised online at ‘HoldtheFrontPage’ I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a genuine candidate for the position of Feature Writer.

I have lately enjoyed international success as an Internet journalist and I am most keen to broaden my experience and take my career to the next level here in Wales. Although I have arrived late to journalism, after 20 years of pursuing the mundane life of a classroom teacher and college lecturer, I have already shown my mettle working to the highest standards and to precise deadlines.

Just to illustrate the very wide scope of my work may I urge that you peruse Google by inputting the search term, ‘John O’Sullivan climate’ and you will find me extensively among over 270,000 web page impressions (0.23 seconds).

My articles may be found all over the world in diverse national publications from Britain’s ‘The Sun’ through to the ‘India Times’
as well as the vast readership of ‘China Daily,’ where in the following article I displayed thoroughness and diligence in summarising a highly technical ground-breaking scientific paper:

You will also find me in America’s world famous ‘National Review’

Despite having no formal training in journalism, I have been successful through hard work and determination in making the most of my talents. I also possess considerable life experience so that I hope you may see me as your ideal choice for a “ first class feature writer brimming with ideas and enthusiasm with the ability to deliver eye-catching copy to deadline in a broad range of styles.”

Since settling in South Wales last Summer I have sought a post in the established mainstream media where I aim to secure a foothold for myself in my newly chosen career. Having perused, many times to get a better feel for what others are contributing, I firmly believe there exists a niche for me to bring something unique.

When the ‘Climategate’ scandal first broke I threw myself into proving my potential and I grew to be recognised as an adept commentator. I have been fortunate to form productive associations, not just with eminent international scientists, but also among respected figures such as the BBC’s senior environment correspondent, Roger Harrabin. I proudly claim to have also collaborated with the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole on bringing several scoops to the mainstream media.

In addition, I have further influential contacts that have assisted me in corresponding with, as well as getting important stories, from Climate Minister, Joan Ruddock as well as the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). With the support of scientists within the climate sceptic community I took up a liaison role with the BBC’s Roger Harrabin’s to better inform the questions for the groundbreaking scoop of the Professor Phil Jones interview.

In the few months since the rumpus of the climate scandal I have gone on to be credited for coining the terms ‘Inquirygate,’ ‘Czechgate’ and ‘Australiagate’ that have become part of common usage.

But I must emphasise I have no scientific background, just a keen eye for the facts and a nose for a good story. I am able to write in a broad range of literary styles and have penned two novels including ‘Summit Shock’ based on a true story of a New York female prison officer’s epic 13-year court room battle to prove her employer covered up sex crimes against her.

My short stories have also appeared in American publications such as ‘The Jimston Journal’, ‘Invisible Ink,’ ‘The Secret Attic,’ and ‘The Zip Book.’ Sadly, for reasons unconnected with my own journalistic achievements, my days as a climate correspondent with ‘’ were cut short when the financial backer withdrew from the venture.

However, I see a fresh opportunity to use my recent achievements as a springboard to broaden my output. I would relish the chance to opine eruditely on more diverse issues befitting my Celtic artistic and cultural background, to concern myself with local and national political and social issues as well as the unexpected cornucopia of life’s quirkiest conundrums.

Further examples of my work may be found online at the following links:

‘World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud’

‘Czechgate’ (367,000 Google hits for Czechgate: 0.47 seconds):

My Czechgate revelations inspired leading Czech physicist, Luboš Motl, to re-investigate my findings and thereupon my story was confirmed as a major scoop:

I followed on that success with my article on ‘Australiagate’ (14,300 Google hits for australiagate: 0.34 seconds) 

As well as my article examining the international dimension on prosecuting climate data fraud:

I trust you will wish to meet with me so we can further discuss how I may be a fitting addition to your staff and demonstrate above all, how my versatility of style will meet your key requirement as Feature Writer. Please find attached an up to date C.V. for your use.

Yours truly,

John O’Sullivan



In that 2011 LinkedIn comment John O'Sullivan is quite clearly claiming that he is a lawyer.


C1 The International O'Sullivan Clan "Hall of Fame" IV

See Section 1.0 "Introduction" for the content of this proudly-presented profile of John Anthony O'Sullivan

C2 John O'Sullivan as John Daley O'Neal, etc 

John O'Sullivan's earlier profiles (2006/7?) were posted under his pseudonyms John Daley O'Neal, J Daley O'Neal and JDaley which are family names according to his estranged second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan. 


In this March 2007 profile, mainly promoting his first novel (see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl"), John O'Sullivan (as j oneal/jdaleyoneal) simply describes himself as " .. male 53 London speaks English .. " (


John O'Sullivan posted two profiles here (no longer available but copies archived), one as JDaley and another as J Daley O'Neal

C2.2.1 As "JDaley"

In this March/April 2008 profile, again mainly promoting his first novel "Vanilla Girl", John O'Sullivan had little to say about himself other than to compare himself with one of his fictional characters " .. Telemachus? .. a portly, middle-aged teacher going nowhere in life .. I enjoy the arts. I also teach. But only on supply. Well, I did until I got banned for alleged indiscretions. Aren't some people such prudes these days? I'm also more concerned about my appearance than TJ .. I prefer nice, sharp, well-tailored suits. I've even started going to the gym now. I certainly don't drink as much as Mr Johns and I have never smoked. .. People often say to me, "Oh, I know your face, but I can't quite recollect the name." I guess that's a good thing really. Since my court case and all the newspaper headlines it's been hard to not be recognised around North Haven. But I'm sure not everyone will regret their fifteen minutes of fame as much as I did .. 
Interests .. Writing, poems, reading, upskirting and downblousing .. 
Status: Single Zodiac Sign: Capricorn .. " (no longer available at but copy archived).

For more on those "alleged indiscretions", for which he says here that he was banned from teaching, see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl". In Chapter 55 of that novel he makes reference to his alter ego " .. Telemachus Johns: black belt third Dan in the ignoble arts of upskirting and downblousing .. ".

NB: He misleadingly described himself as single, rather than separated. He didn't obtain a decree nisi until the 9th September 2013 and appears not to have applied for the decree absolute by February 2016.

C2.2.2 As "J Daley O'Neal"

This May 2007 profile, again mainly promoting his first novel (see sub-section 4.1 "Vanilla Girl") included " .. pseudonyms and paradigms are preferable to lassitudinous libel .. 
Interests: .. writing, reading, working out, sunbathing, eating and relaxing, watching tv .. 
Status: Single Here for: Friends Body type: 192cm / Body builder Zodiac Sign: Pisces Occupation: writer .. ".

NB: He again misleadingly described himself as single.


John O'Sullivan's 2007 profile claimed that he resided in " .. lowestoft, United Kingdom Email: john0sullivan@... Age 46, former schoolteacher now full-time writer. I have lived in both the UK and USA for many years having travelled widely. I am married to an American lawyer and have much experience assisting as a litigant and advocate in both countries. I have collaborated on civil and criminal cases as a researcher and I've profited from the experience in writing my first novel, 'The Secrets of Cupboard 55' a literary crime thriller
(see I am open to consider offers on any project and I am currently looking for an agent/publisher .. "


John O'Sullivan's 2007/8 profile claimed that he resided in Great Yarmouth“ .. J Daley O’Neal is 46 years old and for most of the year resides at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He is a graduate of the West Surrey College of Art and Design where he obtained a First Degree in Fine Art in 1983 and then subsequently completed his post-graduate studies qualifying as a high school teacher in 1985. He most notably won the WSCAD Creative Writing Award for Excellence for his Bachelor’s dissertation on James Joyce’s Ulysses.

For twenty years the author has taught in public schools and colleges throughout England. Since 1998 J Daley O’Neal has been married to a New Yorker, a legal advocate and the couple live between homes in New York and England.

In 2004 Daley O’Neal successfully defended himself in a well-publicised criminal case. Since then he has assisted wife in her legal advocacy work in the American civil courts while pursuing his creative writing interests.

O’Neal enjoys writing about unrequited love, the criminal justice system and dares to apply his literary talents to contentious hot topics such unlawful police practices, sexual harassment and paedophilia .. ” (Although it is no longer available at a copy was posted by Andrew Skolnick on the blogs of Professor Judith Curry and Dr. Lucia Liljegren -

NB: John O'Sullivan's wife was only a "legal advocate" to the extent that, although she has no recognised legal qualification she has pursued several legal claims pro-se.

C3 Livejournal

This profile is similar to that quoted in Section 1.0, without the claim to being "the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory"  but claiming " .. LOCATION: Swansea, United Kingdom .. legal consultant to .. Dr. Tim Ball, who is currently defending libel suits in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Canada against .. Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Andrew Weaver. "

C4, and

C4.1 Blogger

John O'Sullivan provides three profiles on this web-site:

- one " .. On Blogger since November 2005 .. " is completely different, introducing himself simply as a " ..Long suffering victim of injustice; a Brit married to a yank; with a love of freedom of speech and democracy .. ", with the claimed " .. LOCATION: Delhi, New York, United States .. " and linking to his "Exposing Spitzer" blog (sub-section 4.2.1) -

- one " .. On Blogger since December 2007 .. " is similar to that quoted in Section 1.0 but with the claimed " .. LOCATION: Neath, Wales, United Kingdom .. " and links to his second "factual" novel "Summit Shock" (see sub-section 4.1) -

- one " .. On Blogger since March 2008 .. " in which he introduces himself simply as " .. A dark horse-not much to tell .. Interests: Writing reading gym .. ", claiming to be located in "upstate New York" and "Norfolk, England" and links to his first "factual" novel "Vanilla Girl" (see sub-section 4.1) -


In this 2009 profile, under the pen-name JohnAOSullivan, he claims to be a resident of South Wales and to have " .. taught for twenty years at various schools and colleges in the east of England. His second wife, a disabled former New York correction officer, successfully proved the State of New York was corrupt, in one of America's longest and most extraordinary sexual harassment cases. 'Summit Shock' is her story, and second in the series of 'Cupboard 55' novels. Among the author's other published credits are; ‘The Jimston Journal’, 'Invisible Ink,' ‘The Secret Attic,’ ‘Big Ugly Review and’ ‘The Zip Book.’ .. "

C4.3 Blogcatalog

In this profile (2009?) John O'Sullivan first claims to be a resident of Delhi, New York, then goes on to claim " .. living and working in New York in a twenty-year academic career. Since settling down in South Wales in 2009 this avid scholar and researcher gained international acclaim as an adept commentator and analyst of the 'Climategate' scandal involving suspected data fraud by an elite clique of climate scientists. John is credited among journalists for coining the terms 'Czechgate' and 'Australiagate.'
Skilled in a broad range of literary styles, the author has penned two novels including 'Summit Shock' based on his second wife's true story. His published fictional credits include 'The Jimston Journal', 'Invisible Ink,' 'The Secret Attic' and 'The Zip Book'.

In one of America's longest and most astonishing sexual harassment cases, 'Bracci v New York State Division of Human Rights' O'Sullivan successfully advanced writs and petitions in both the New York State Supreme Court, and US federal court. While in another extraordinary case, John's insightful analysis controversially succeeded with a last minute defeat for the Crown Prosecution in the English criminal court .. "
He then links to his "Summit Shock" publication (see sub-section 4.1).

C5 Wordpress

This profile (2011?) is similar to the one quoted in Section 1.0 but with the following extras " .. Legal analyst and science writer, John O’Sullivan is co-founder and coordinator of Principia Scientific International (PSI) and co-author and instigator of ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,’ the world’s first full-volume refutation of the cornerstone of man-made global warming science ..... John has acted as consultant to, and is a close colleague of, Canada’s most prominent climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, who is currently defending libel suits in the British Columbia Supreme Court against fellow climate researchers, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Andrew Weaver .. "

C6 Gravatar

This profile is available at

C6.1 Gravatar Profile at the 4th January 2016

" .. England: Science writer and legal advocate specializing in anti-corruption, John O'Sullivan LLB, BA (Hon), PGCE, was born in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents in 1961. John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England as well as litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. Federal 2nd Circuit.

John O’Sullivan has established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change (Google). He co-coordinated and co-authored, along with 22 leading climate researchers, 'Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,' a two-volume best seller.

O'Sullivan has published over 150 major articles worldwide. His 'Satellite-gate' revelations caused a $12 million dollar degraded orbiting U.S. satellite to be hastily removed from service. In America his work appears in the National Review and Forbes Magazine. Other leading publications that feature his work include China Daily, the Number One English portal in China and The India Times, the prime source of business news in India.

John, a member of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) is assisting Canada's most popular climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball in defending two major climate science lawsuits (one against Dr. Michael 'hockey stick' Mann)

O'Sullivan and Dr. Ball are among the co-founders of the fast-growing Principia Scientific International, a science association opposed to 'post-normal science' that also pioneers a new form of 'open media' peer review (PROM). .. ".

Since the 21st November 2011 the following (bold) text was removed, added or changed:

" .. In 2010 John O’Sullivan has established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory ..

John, a member of the .. (NYCLA) is currently litigating in two major climate science lawsuits, one of which involves prominent climatologists, Dr. Michael Mann versus Dr. Tim Ball (O'Sullivan is Dr. Ball's legal consultant) ..

O'Sullivan and Dr. Ball are among the co-founders of the fast-growing Principia Scientific International, a science association opposed to 'post-normal science' that also pioneers a new form of 'open media' peer review (PROM) .. ".

With these changes John O'Sullivan:

- extended his claim to rank as "the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory" beyond 2010
- changed Dr. Ball's status from being a "prominent climatologist" to being "Canada's most popular climatologist",
- decided that Dr. Mann was no longer a "prominent climatologist" and was given a nick-name,
- was demoted from "litigating" as "Dr. Ball's legal consultant" to simply "assisting" in those "major climate science lawsuits".
- started advertising his new blog, PSI.

C7 LinkedIN

In this January 2016 profile John O'Sullivan describes himself as " ..
... Chief Executive Officer Principia Scientific International April 2011 – Present (4 years 8 months) United Kingdom Co-founder and Overall Coordinator of Principia Scientific International .. teacher, lecturer and science writer (articles have appeared in National Review, Forbes Magazine, China Daily, and The Times of India) ..
... Co-author, project leader and editor of the ground breaking climate science book, Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory, co-written with 22 leading climate researchers. Chief Science Editor, Principia Scientific International ..
... Legal Advocate: Member of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA); currently litigating in high-profile libel lawsuits involving climatologists, Dr Michael Mann and Dr Tim Ball ..
.. Principia Scientific International .. Acting Internal Legal Counsel .. ( and

He also indicates that Principia Scientific International is located in the UK, not in New York State (as claimed in his NYCLA profile).

NB: His involvement with PSI is discussed in detail in the article "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd"
( but some relevant highlights are presented here.

Previously (from early 2011) John O'Sullivan had claimed to be " .. a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) .. currently litigating in two high-profile climate science lawsuits .. As of April 2011 .. engaged by Vancouver law firm, Pearlman Lindholm as Legal Consultant to advise on matters relating to libel suits involving prominent international climatologist, Dr Timothy Ball .. " (archived version available at

At that time he was also claiming to have been employed as a " .. Lecturer University of Northampton September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. ". After being challenged over this in November/December 2012 ( John O'Sullivan modified his misleading claim, removing any reference to a time period and simply claiming " .. .Nene College (University of Northampton) Lecturer .. " (

Even that claim conflicts with what the University of Northampton Records Office advised, i.e. that they could find no record of his lecturing in anything  at  Nene College (see sub-sections 2.2.5 and 3.2.3 as well as Appendix A, Note 9).

In his July 2011 version he was promoting himself as a : .. Legal Consultant at Pearlman Lindholm Swansea, United Kingdom .. legal advocate specializing in anti-corruption .. " (see sub-section

C8 Friends Reunited

In this 29th Jun 2011 profile John O'Sullivan claimed to have been “ .. Appointed Consultant for Canadian law firm, Pearlman Lindholm and advising on libel suit of Dr. Michael Mann-v-Dr. Tim Ball .. Location: United States, New York .. Working, Pearlman Lindholm, , International legal advocate .. “ (archived web-page available).

C9 Suite101

These profiles are no longer available at but copies have been archived.

C9.1 Suite101 Profile at 13th June 2010

" .. Contributing Writer: Legal analyst, author and journalist, John O'Sullivan was born in 1961 in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents. As an accredited academic, John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England before moving to the United States.

As an analytical commentator, O'Sullivan has published over 100 major articles worldwide. In the U.S. his work features in the 'National Review,’ America's most popular and influential magazine for Republican/conservative news, commentary and opinion. Among other internationally esteemed publications he has appeared in both 'China Daily,' the Number One English portal in China, as well as 'India Times,' the prime source of business news in India .. ".

C9.2 Suite101 Profile at 24th December 2011

" .. Contributing Writer: Science writer and legal advocate specializing in anti-corruption, John O'Sullivan LLB, BA (Hon), PGCE, was born in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents in 1961. As an accredited academic, John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England as well as litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. Federal 2nd Circuit.

John is currently involved in litigation with prominent climatologists, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Tim Ball.

In 2010 John O’Sullivan established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change (Google). He coordinated and published the science book, 'Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory, a two-volume best seller he co-wrote with 22 leading climate researchers.

O'Sullivan has published over 150 major articles worldwide. His 'Satellite-gate' revelations caused a $12 million dollar orbiting U.S. satellite to be hastily removed from service. In America his work features in the National Review, the nation's most popular and influential magazine for Republican/conservative news and also Forbes Magazine. Other leading world publications that feature his work include China Daily, the Number One English portal in China and The India Times, the prime source of business news in India .. ".

This John O'Sullivan profile was similar to that of June 2010 (Appendix C, sub-section C9.1, with embellishments such as:

- being a "Science writer", despite acknowledging in his 2010 covering letter of application that " .. I must emphasis that I have no scientific background .. " {see Appendix A). That does raise questions about the validity of his science writings.

being a "legal advocate" specializing in anti-corruption

- having an LLB, BA (Hon), PGCE.

litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. Federal 2nd Circuit

- being currently involved in litigation with prominent climatologists, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Tim Ball.

- " .. In 2010 .. established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change .. "
- " .. coordinated and published the science book, 'Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory' .. ".

- over 150 major articles

- revelations causing a $12 million dollar orbiting U.S. satellite to be hastily removed from service

featuring in Forbes Magazine, China Daily and The India Times 

C9.3 Suite101 Profile at 11th September 2012

" .. Science writer and legal advocate specializing in anti-corruption .." otherwise identical to the previous profile.
- promoting himself from "legal analyst" to "legal advocate"

C9.4 Suite101 Dismissal at 2nd November 2011

In his 2nd and 10th November 2011 articles "John O'Sullivan: Popular Skeptic Writer Fired for Exposing Carbon Climate Fraud" and "Canada Bar Association Rules 'no misconduct' by Tim Ball's Legal Team" John O'Sullivan commented " .. I write to announce my employment with my publishers, Suite101 was terminated today without prior notice or explanation and all my articles published over a two-year period with them are now removed from the Internet ..  The struggle for truth continues! John .. Suite101 have now admitted that they dismissed me .. from my employment .. "
( and

To claim to be an "employee" of Suite101 could be considered stretching the imagination beyond credibility, just as was his claim to have been employed by the blog (see also sub-section 2.2.7). In December 2009 Suite101 was described thus " .. is known in the online writing world as a respected site where freelance writers and journalists, as well as home-based experts, write and publish short fact-based articles .. advertising revenue is shared with writers. This "dividend" or royalty style payment happens each month even if a writer adds no new articles .. " (

In reality, Suite101 owners did not employ the freelance writers like JoS who submitted their articles for publication. Authors were paid a percentage of the advertising revenue attracted by the site as a result of their articles.

Rather than being an employee of Suite101, it appears that John O'Sullivan was simply a self-employed freelance writer who received a share of whatever advertising revenue was earned by the site owners.

It appears more likely that, contrary to John O'Sullivan's questionable claim that his "employment" by Suite101 was terminated " ..  solely due to matters connected to my publication of controversial new evidence from JAXA’s IBUKI satellite .. ", commercial factors forced the owners to cease publishing articles by any freelance writers who were not producing worthwhile advertising revenue.

Apparently " .. Suite101 never recovered from Google's first Panda release in February, 2011.  At that time, it was getting between 25 and 30 million unique views per month.  Traffic fell by 94% one week later .. "

C10 PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd

C10.1 Principia Scientific International

This profile claims " .. Chief Executive Officer and Founder Member: John O’Sullivan (United Kingdom): Legal analyst and specialist writer on anti-corruption, John O’Sullivan is the coordinator of PSI. He is Google’s most read writer on the greenhouse gas theory (2013) and boasts over 100 major articles. His work has appeared in prominent publications including America’s National Review, China Daily (the Number One English portal in China), as well as the India Times (the key source of business news in India). As a direct consequence of controversial revelations in his ‘Satellite-gate’ article the U.S. Government swiftly removed a degraded orbital space satellite from service .. "

C10.2 PSI Acumen Ltd.

In this 2013 profile John O'Sullivan simply described himself as " .. CEO of Principia Scientific International (PSI), a body of more than 200 highly credentialed professional scientists and engineers. PSIA is the business affiliate of PSI and both organizations are inextricably linked in ethos and personnel .. "
(no longer available at but copy archived).

C11 New York County Lawyers Association

In his October 2011 profile John O'Sullivan claimed"
Company/Firm Name: Principia Scientific International
Address: PO Box 62, Delhi, New York, 13753
'Phone: 607-437-5552
FAX: 607-434-4345
Address: (he gave his wife's New York State PO address)
'Phone: (he gave his wife's 'phone number)
Law School: University of Surrey/Hill Univ
Date Graduated: 01/2010

This is discussed in Andrew Skolnick's article "Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of .. John O'Sullivan" in which he says " .. In addition to citing a bogus diploma mill as the source of his law degree, O'Sullivan provided a false address and fax number for his company Principia Scientific International. The address belongs to a construction company in Delhi, NY and the fax number is the phone number of a woman who never heard of Principia Scientific International. ( ).

C12 Cheekyflirt

In this April 2007 web-profile John O'Sullivan (AKA Mr. Darrk - see also   described himself as " .. age 45 .. England Norfolk .. single .self-employed .. here looking for fun and friendship. If you like a man who is 6' 3" tall, dark, muscular and athletic and well-educated then plz message me .. " ( no longer available but archived).

NB: He again claims to be self-employed and single (perhaps looking to broaden his expressed interest in " .. upskirting and downblousing .. " - see sub-section C2.2.1).

C13 Profile-Related Comments by John O'Sullivan

C13.1 The Air Vent Article  "Deep Black – Hide the decline"

2010-01-31 " .. I am a retired academic and I have litigated personally or assisted others in pro se litigation at every level of court there is in New York State as well as Federal level, for over a decade and never lost. Am I licensed to practice law in the US or UK? No, sir- self taught and proud! I think that makes my achievements even more extraordinary, don’t you?

I’m just some Brit with a brain who can go live with his American wife in her country and kick ass big time around a courtroom. I’ve also even done it, too, in criminal court back in the UK where I wiped the floor with the Crown Prosecution Service and corrupt police who tried to frame me on trumped up criminal charges in what’s euphemistically called ‘police noble cause corruption.’ I won by a canter- acquitted on all counts and it made the national news, too! .. " (

C13.2 LinkedIN “Science and Technology Media Professionals” Forum

Probing questions about John O'Sullivan's claims in his numerous profiles and blog comments were made by Andrew Skolnick and New Zealand fruit and truffle farmer Gareth Renowden. Their interest was raised following a note posted in May 2011 by John O'Sullivan on the Linked-IN "Science and Technology Media Professionals" group (see

John O'Sullivan asked " .. Has Global Warming Propaganda Killed Science Journalism? Now that ' journalists' routinely censor science that disproves the man-made global warming meme, will the public increasingly turn to alternative news outlets? .. ". The ensuing thread of exchanges, which included a high degree of invective, is very revealing (see, , and

Possibly the most pertinent comments directed at John O'Sullivan on that thread were from award-winning science writer Carolyn Collins Petersen ( " .. this kind of behavior does NOT constitute ethical attorney behavior. It could, however, seem to characterize someone who watches a lot of Law & Order and mistakes drama for reality and decides to give it a try ..  Good bye Mr. O'Sullivan... oh, and let us know when you've succeed in convincing your spousal unit that three inches is really six .. " (

Andrew Skolnick included a reference to these LinkedIN exchanges in the affidavit that he submitted to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the Mann v Ball defamation case in which John O'Sullivan claimed to be litigating ( Clause 8).


John O'Sullivan has repeatedly claimed or implied that he was a New York State resident, e.g. in his:

- 2005 Blogger profile (Appendix C, sub-section C4.1) he claimed to be living in Delhi, New York State,
- November 2005 letter to New York State Governor General Eliot Spitzer he claimed to be living in " .. Delhi, New York, 13753 .. " (,
2007 Writersnet profile (Appendix C, sub-section C2.3) he claimed to be living in Lowestoft and to have lived in the USA for many years,
- 2009? blogcatalog profile he claimed to have been living in Delhi but had moved to South Wales (Appendix C, sub-section C4.3),

December 2009 blog comment " .. I live on the picturesque east coast of England .. " ( - although that conflicts with his claim three months later " .. Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer .. " (see Appendix A),
17th January 2011 appeal for charitable donations he gave as his contact details " .. Delhi 13753, NY United States (He was appealing for £15,000 in charitable donations to pay for setting up Principia Scientific International as a private company with himself as its CEO.  " .. Give generously for this good cause .. Once obtaining the necessary start up funds PSI will become registered as a charitable association in the U.S. .. ". Although the appeal was removed from the gofundme web-site in 2015, archived versions are available at
- July 2011 LinkedIN profile he was claiming to be employed as a " .. Legal Consultant at Pearlman Lindholm, Swansea, United Kingdom.
- September - December 2011 and December 2012 LinkedIN profile he was claiming to be employed in " .. Albany, New York Area .. ", first as a " .. Legal Consultant at Pearlman Lindholm .. " then at PSI (copies archived), although in his July 2011 LinkedIN profile he had claimed to be " .. Legal Consultant at Pearlman Lindholm Swansea, United Kingdom .. " (see Appendix C, sub-section C7),
19th November 2011 blog comment he claimed that his mailing address was a PO Box in Delhi, New York ( - quoting his estranged wife's mail box).

That sudden change in claimed location from Swansea to Albany was in place when John O'Sullivan joined the New York County Lawyers Association in October 2011. He claimed in his NYCLA profile (see sub-section C11) that his company/firm (PSI) was located in Delhi, NYS. Andrew Skolnick commented about this on his "Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of .. John O'Sullivan" article, saying " .. In addition to citing a bogus diploma mill as the source of his law degree, O'Sullivan provided a false address and fax number for his company Principia Scientific International. The address belongs to a construction company in Delhi, NY and the fax number is the phone number of a woman who never heard of Principia Scientific International .. " ( Andrew Skolnick submitted a copy of that profile as an exhibit in his April 2012 affidavit (pages 53 and 54 of 180) to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for the Mann v Ball defamation case (see 

Rather than residing in New York State from 2004 to 2010 (as implied by his CV) or living " .. between homes in New York and England .. " (see Appendix C, sub-section C2.4), John O'Sullivan appears to have lived in the UK since October 1998, mainly in the East of England but periodically in South Wales.

It was while living in South Wales that he applied for the post of journalist (see Section 2.0) and was offering his services as a home tutor in the Neath/Port Talbot area (see Appendix A).

Despite those claims to the contrary, according to his estranged second wife (a New York State resident for most of her life), after living in the USA for only 1 year (1997-8) he returned to his Lowestoft home in 1998 and moved from Lowestoft to Gt. Yarmouth in 2006 (see FOOTNOTE).

It appears that on returning to the UK with his wife and step-daughter in 1998 they set up home in his property near Lowestoft, Suffolk. Eventually they seperated, his wife and step-daughter moving into rented accommodation several miles away in Beccles. His step-daughter returned to the USA in 2002 and his wife followed soon afterwards (see sub-section 4.1 concerning his factual novel "Vanilla Girl").


In 2006 John O'Sullivan sold the matrimonial home near Lowestoft, Suffolk and bought a property near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (which in 2009 he may have " .. rented cheaply to a family of three at the bargain rate of six-fifty a month .. " - see sub-section 4.2.3 concerning his factual novel "Summit Shock", Chapter 38 "Woeful in Wales")

The Norfolk property was the centre of operations for his " .. science association and active publisher of science articles, newsletters, compendiums and books .. " Principia Scientific International ( since its founding in 2010. It was also the registered address of his company PSI Acumen Ltd. which was incorporated in March 2013 but struck off and dissolved in October 2014 (see section 7.0 "Financial and Governance Aspects"}.

John O'Sullivan sold the Norfolk property in January 2014 under threat of repossession (see "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd" sub-section 7.2 "Income"). 


John O'Sullivan has often made accusations of dishonesty and irrationality against others with whom he disagrees. Examples include:

- 10th October 2012 ".. Michael Mann is a liar and a fraudster who has threatened to sue me for libel but I, like others who this sue-happy narcissist has threatened, am in no way troubled by such empty threats .. Dr Tim Ball. Ball rightly stated Mann 'belongs in the state pen, not Penn State' and I heartily agree. Once Ball defeats Mann I will be assisting in efforts to bring about a full public inquiry into the criminal fraud Mann helped mastermind .. " (,
- 26th November 2012 " .. Weaver’s qualification as a proven and adept liar helped clinch his position as new Green Party leader .. " (
- 29th April 2013 “ .. Mr Ridley is a liar and a demented fraud .. Ridley is untrustworthy .. well known in the  English speaking blogosphere as a deranged crank .. writing lies about PSI for two years .. ” (
- 22nd July 2013 “ .. Mr. Peter Ridley .. a liar and fraudster .. a reputation as a sociopathic cyberstalker who relies on fake or dubious evidence to try to malign those he dislikes .. ” (
- 5th December 2012 " .. Ridley and Skolnick are well known compulsive liars and smear merchants .. Ridley is a 'cyberstalker' and identity faker .. " (,
- 20th April 2012 " .. Ridley, You are a proven liar and a con artist who spends his life trawling the gutter looking for dirt. You and your partner in crime Skolnick are a joke. No wonder nobody takes you seriously .. " (,
- 8th December 2011 " .. Skolnick’s .. a compulsive liar and I'm delighted that you've pitched in with him. You are two peas from the same pod .. " (,
- 15th November 2011 " .. Skolnick is a liar and has now been exposed as such .. Skolnick has been comprehensibly exposed as a fraud .. " ( et seq.).

On the other hand, John O'Sullivan has repeatedly been accused of dishonesty, e.g. see:
- "So Many Lies and the Liar Who Tells Them" (
- "Leyland Joins the Über Cranks: Signs up with SerialL Liar O’Sulivan's Vanity “Science” Group" (
- "Affidavits in Michael Mann Libel Suit Reveal Astonishing Facts About Tim Ball Associate John O'Sullivan" (
- “John O’Sullivan, master manipulator – A Closer Look” (
- "John O'Sullivan: My Hidden Muse .. For more on the serial liar John O'Sullivan .. " (
- "Unsure of the Concept .. gets his information from serial liar John O'Sullivan .. " (
- "The whole silly warming pause, warming hiatus thing .. liar and fraud John O'Sullivan .. " (
- "Climate Change is Now a Religion .. you quote the fraudster and crackpot John O'Sullivan .. a man with no qualifications in science, and mostly fake ones in other areas .. " (
- " .. John O'Sullivan is, hands down, the most compulsive liar I've encountered in more than 20 years of investigative reporting .. " by Andrew Skolnick on the 5th December 2012 (
- " .. Mr. O'Sullivan .. this episode simply serves to reinforce the impression that I have harboured for a long time, namely that youm are largely a self-inflating sac of bombast and blather .. you are a person utterly devoid of credibility .. " by Rupert Wyndham on the 25th April 2012 (


Message Received: Jul 12 2012, 09:21 PM
From: Andrew Skolnick ...
To: Timothy Ball ...
Cc: Fred Singer ..., Rupert Wyndham ...
Subject: Request for clarification re John O'Sullivan's "legal advice and expertise"

Dear Dr. Ball,

As you are probably aware, I am a science writer investigating your co-author John O'Sullivan's false academic and professional claims. I've received a copy of the email you sent to Rupert Wyndham on April 26 (and cc'd to Fred Singer) in which you claim to have:
"legally disassociated myself from [John] O'Sullivan very early and though hE provided commentary, he never acted as [your] legal counsel."

I was confused by this statement, considering public comments you made previously, includig your "Emotional Thank You" Matthias Kleespies published on the Sky Dragon Slayers' web site April 26, 2011:
"I am extremely grateful for the legal advice and expertise of lawyer John O'Sullivan in Britain and Michael Scherr in Victoria." (see FOOTNOTE)

I would appreciate it if you would clarify your association with Mr. O'Sullivan. Are you stating that he never was employed by you to provide legal advice and expertise?

If he had been hired to provide you legal counsel, when did he start providing his legal services and when did he stop?

Are you aware that Mr. O'Sullivan publicly claimed to be "representing you in the Vancouver Supreme Court" against libel suits filed by Michael Mann and Andrew Weaver?
And that he claimed on his resumes and online biographies to be employed as a "legal consultant at Pearlman Lindholm" to "advise on matters relating to libel suits involvig prominent international climatologist, Dr Timothy Ball"?
Your statement to Mr. Wyndham and copied to Dr. Singer totally contradict these claims. If those claims are false, have you issued Mr. O'Sullivan an order to cease and desist?

And are you aware that Mr. O'Sullivan's claims of being a lawyer, that he earned a law degree from the University of Surrey, that he is a member of the American Bar Association, that he as more than 13 years of successful litigation experience in New York and Federal 2nd District courts, and that he as "never lost" in court are all completely false?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Andew Skolnick,

The original web-page at slayingtheskydragons is no longer available, however a copy is provided at .

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