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From: Phil Jones <>
To: Sandy Tudhope <>
Subject: Latest draft of WP1
Date: Thu Nov 12 10:18:54 2009
Cc: "Wolff, Eric W" <>, Rob Wilson <>, "Bass, Catherine" <>, "Turney, Christian" <>, Rob Allan <>, Keith Briffa <>, "" <>

Dear All (especially Chris/Catherine),
Here's the latest draft of WP1. All in the group have now commented and amended this.
You should have the 3 supporting letters from Tree partners. Eric was contacting Eric
Steig and Sandy (see below) is contacting 3 coral people.
There is an issue about a Map. Rob W put one in his PhD page. This shows the corals. If
we were to add the tree-ring sites we would mainly get a splodge of points in South America
and NZ. Ice cores would just be over the AP and in the low-lat Andes. Issue is one of
space. We already have 3pp fo this WP. Refs will reduce to about 0.5pp once we go to et al
for 3 or more authors. A map would be useful for presentation to NERC, but is it essential
for the submission?
I'm away from tomorrow lunchtime for the weekend. Back in on Monday. Hope we'll be
looking through more complete drafts next week!
At 19:02 11/11/2009, Sandy Tudhope wrote:

Dear Phil et al,
Good to speak to you earlier Phil and Rob W..
Please find attached a slightly modified version for WP1 ... I've just changed the coral
section a bit. Briefly, I've identified the new coral coring sites (rather than get
bogged down trying to describe how we will use analysis of model output to prioritise),
plus I've added back in some references and details that I think help, but don't add too
much length.
I've written to Janice Lough, Julie Cole and Kim Cobb re being Project Partners (I
actually spoke to Kim and she is keen).
FIGURE: I still think it might be useful to have a map in the main proposal ...
basically like the one Rob has in the PhD proposal ... we can simply have boxes around
the tree ring and ice core regions. This map needn't be any larger than Rob already
has it ... but it does help illustrate where we will get/have data. What do you all

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