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From: AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section <Section@AGU.ORG>
To: <>
Subject: Letter to Atmospheric Sciences members
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 14:23:32 -0500
Reply-to: AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section <Section@AGU.ORG>

Dear Atmospheric Sciences Section members,

First, I would like to remind you of three very close deadlines:

Nov. 12, Discounted registration for AGU Fall Meeting. Register at
[1], and sign up for our Atmospheric
Sciences banquet on Dec. 15.

Nov. 13, Vote yes on AGU governance changes, [2]

Nov. 13, Please respond to [3] if you are willing to volunteer
your expertise to help answer questions during the Copenhagen Conference of the Parties of
the Framework Convention on Climate Change (see below).

Second, I would like to give you some information about where your contributions to
AGU go. Last year, members of the Atmospheric Sciences Section contributed $43,410 to
AGU's Voluntary Contribution Campaign. In 2008, due largely to member donations like
these, AGU facilitated career development events attended by 600 students, hosted 75 K-12
teachers at Fall Meeting workshops, and sponsored 31 members' visits with U.S. policy
makers. Additionally, voluntary contributions allowed AGU to provide travel grants to 135
deserving students to present their research for the first time at an AGU meeting. These
programs are essential for AGU's relevance and vitality. I know Atmospheric Science members
want AGU to do more. Please join me in supporting AGU's efforts to strengthen our
scientific society by making a gift to the 2010 Voluntary Contribution Campaign.
Unrestricted contributions are used to support AGU's greatest needs, but you can directly
support students pursuing Atmospheric Sciences by making a gift to the David Hofmann Travel
Grant, Holton-Kaufman Grant, or Namias Travel Grant. You can make your gift when you renew
your AGU membership, or you can give today at:



Alan Robock

President, Atmospheric Sciences Section, AGU [5]

AGU Climate Scientists,

We are writing to encourage hundreds of you to participate in a unique opportunity to
improve the public's climate knowledge during the week before and the week of this year's
AGU Fall Meeting.

As you know, the Copenhagen negotiations (Dec. 7-18) are attracting hundreds of journalists
and will result in a proliferation of media articles about climate change. Recently, the
American public's "belief" in climate change has waned (36% think humans are warming the
earth according to the Pew Center's October poll), and December's media blitz provides an
opportunity to reverse the trend.

Your participation is needed to ensure that climate science coverage across media channels
is accurate, fact-based, and nuanced. Provided that enough AGU members sign up to
participate, we will be offering the opportunity for journalists reporting during the
Copenhagen conference to submit their questions on-line and receive a response from a
climate expert before an article goes to press.

We are asking each of you to sign up for two hours over the course of those two weeks
(12/7-18) to respond to questions from journalists. You will be able to choose which
queries to answer based on your expertise, and there will be an option to double-team when
questions span multiple areas of expertise. We will be setting up the appropriate
logistics to enable both virtual participation and a central work area at the AGU meeting.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Stacy Jackson at the email address below.

If you are willing to participate, please respond in the affirmative by Friday November
13th to [6] Given the magnitude of the media coverage, we are
seeking several hundred willing climate scientists. More details will be forthcoming.

Thanks in advance,

Alan Robock, President, AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section

Anne Thompson, President-Elect, AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section



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