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Subject: IPCC Draft Good Practice Guidance Paper on Detection and Attribution for Review
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 04:59:07 +0100 (CET)

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Dear Participants of the IPCC Expert Meeting on Detection & Attribution,
dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the draft version of the Good Practice Guidance Paper
(GPGP) which has been prepared by the Core Writing Team (CWT) following
the IPCC joint WGI/II Expert Meeting on Detection and Attribution. Gabi,
Ove, Camille, David, Gino, Marty, Peter, and Sari, have been working very
hard to meet the TSU deadline and have managed to provide the Co-Chairs
with the attached draft version right in time for presentation at the IPCC
Plenary in Bali the last week of October. We all owe them our sincere
thanks for the efforts put into the preparation of this document.


We would now like to invite all participants of the Geneva Expert Meeting
to review the GPGP and to provide comments and suggestions on the attached
draft within 2 weeks from today (i.e. by *November 24*). If you do plan to
provide your inputs, please prepare your comments in a separate document
(word or plain text) in order to facilitate the handling of the comments
from potentially ~30 participants. Submission of the files will be by
email to the WGI TSU at We will collect all the
reviews, combine them into an easily manageable format and will then
forward them to the CWT. The task of the CWT will then be to consider all
your comments and revise the GPGP accordingly. We do not plan to send the
Guidance Paper out for a second round of comments, but trust that the CWT
will make every effort to take your suggestions into account as much as

Changes to terminology discussed in Geneva:

Please note that the CWT, after intense discussions, had to make a few
changes to the language used in the "approved" documents from the last
day's final plenary. One of the changes is the change from "direct" to
"single step" attribution. Given the level of discussion created within
the CWT and also during the meeting, the CWT felt it was more constructive
NOT to insinuate which methods are better or stronger and so strived for
neutral language, particularly as the views about what constitutes a
strong method differed between groups (not only IPCC WGs). Note that the
word �direct� already had created discussion during the final plenary of
the Geneva meeting and was flagged as unresolved in the material sent to
the CWT by the WGI TSU. As a consequence, the CWT has then changed
"sequential" to "multi-step" to keep language consistent. The CWT has
highlighted in the text by brackets where language was changed in order to
maintain maximum transparency.

Material to be included in the Expert Meeting Report:

The GPGP will be part of the full meeting report which we are currently
preparing at the WGI TSU. The full meeting report will include all the
materials from the conference documentation, i.e. abstracts, participants
list, agenda, etc. In Geneva, we also discussed to include additional
science background material going along with the Guidance Paper. In light
of the substantial GPGP we currently have, it seems sufficient to add a
few (2-3) practical examples of D&A to the report which would illustrate
and clarify in concrete terms the different points raised in the GPGP. As
such examples are of a different nature than the GPGP text, we propose to
present them in separate boxes. Our proposal is that the CWT will work on
these D&A examples while the participants are commenting on the GPGP, and
while the WGI TSU works on preparing the full meeting report. A further
science element to be included in the full meeting report would be a
non-comprehensive bibliography of D&A literature added at the end of the
report (see separate email following).

I hope this way forward is acceptable to you. Thank you very much for your
continued efforts and contributions to this important IPCC activity. We
are looking forward to your inputs,

Cheers, Kasper

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Working Group I Technical Support Unit
University of Bern
Zaehringerstrasse 25
3012 Bern, Switzerland
ph: +41 31 631 56 16
fx: +41 31 631 56 15

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