1. Synopsis of the 9-11 "inside job" theory
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Synopsis of the 9-11 "inside job" theory

The AE911Truth-ers are dishonest crackpots. Nobody sane thinks that any of the seven WTC buildings which were destroyed in the 9-11 attacks were destroyed by "controlled demolition." There is no evidence at all of that, and there's no evidence at all that 9-11 was an "inside job." The primary cause of such delusions is probably deinstitutionalization.

Here's a summary of their theory:

Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld wanted to help out some friends at Halliburton, who could make more money if there was a war. So they decided to kill thousands of innocent Americans, and blame it on some other country, to start a war.

So they assembled teams of hundreds of covert operatives, to do the deed. The interviews went something like this:

Rummy: Hey, commando guy, can you keep a secret?

Interviewee: Sure.

Rummy: Promise?

Interviewee: I promise.

Rummy: Would you like to make a little extra dough by slaughtering thousands of innocent American men, women & children?

Interviewee #1: No problem, sign me up!


Interviewee #2: No way!

Rummy: Remember, you promised not to tell!

Then they bought tons of of magical, silent, fireproof, airplane-collision-proof explosives & detonators for each building, explosives of a sort which to this day nobody has ever heard of.

Then the commando guys crawled around the Twin Towers and WTC-7, on or about 9-10-2001, planting bombs.

And nobody saw them do it - they were that good. (And because 9/10/2001 was a Sunday, and nobody in New York works on Sundays.)

And they recruited a bunch of Arabs to fly airliners into buildings, as distractions. (Those interviews were even more fun!)

And the huge aviation-fuel-accelerated fires didn't damage the magical, silent explosives and detonators, which worked perfectly when Cheney pushed the button on his remote detonator.

And it all went off just exactly as they planned.

They even managed to figure out in advance exactly which floors the planes were going to hit on each of the Twin Towers, so they could plant the magic fireproof explosives on the right floors, so the buildings would collapse starting where the planes struck, to avoid suspicion.

And they even managed to figure out in advance which one of the other surrounding buildings would be set ablaze by flaming debris from the Twin Towers, to provide cover for the subsequent controlled demolition destruction of that particular building, too.

They really thought of everything!

And they pulled it all off in just the 8.5 months Bush had been in office, using government employees.

And in the >19 years since, none of these hundreds of conspirators, nor any of the rejected interviewees, ever had a pang of conscience and spilled the beans, because they pinky-promised to never tell, and pinky promises are sacred to black ops commandos.

Dang, those government employees are really good at what they do!

But I have a question for these "9-11 Truther" conspiracy nuts:

If U.S. government employees are that good, why they couldn't even get a simple ObamaCare web site working with 2.5 years of work and hundreds of millions of dollars to spend?


A 9-11 conspiracist on YouTube thought it implausible that a "code compliant" building like 7 WTC could be brought down by mere fire. This was my reply:

A high-rise building with no functioning sprinkler system is not "code compliant." But that was the effective state of 7 WTC after the collapse of 1 WTC and 2 WTC destroyed the water mains and cut off the water supply.

If you think the 7 WTC fire was small, it can only mean that you've been reading/watching material from dishonest "truthers." They show pictures of the undamaged north face of 7 WTC, to mislead you, instead of showing you where the damage and fires were.

There was smoke billowing from nearly the entire south face of the building. Here are photos & video of 7 WTC before it collapsed (click to enlarge):
photo of smokw billowing from 7 WTC, WSW view  photo of smoke billowing from 7 WTC, SSW view 
Video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Afb7eUHr64U

It was an inferno.

Structural steel (if it's not encased in concrete) is generally sprayed with fire-resistant (often intumescent) insulation, like Shield Industries' FireGuard (tm). It's because the weakening of structural steel as it heats up is a well-known problem, which is a known threat to structural integrity. But the insulation doesn't stop the steel from heating up, it just slows the rate at which the steel heats and softens.

Structural steel weakens severely at 600 °C, which is below the melting point of aluminum (660 °C).

The NIST did a small house fire test and measured 738 °C (1360 °F) in under 5 minutes! A large building fire boosted by a jumbo jet full of accelerant would get much hotter.

A modest grass fire was found to reach 920 °C = 1688 °F.

A big forest fire can reach 1200 °C = 2192 °F.

Here's a nifty video about how to make a knife from a mill file. Note that it doesn't take much of a fire to soften the steel so much that it bends under its own weight (probably about 900 °C):

The surprising thing is that 7 WTC lasted as long as it did. It stayed up for nearly seven hours, with the fire raging out of control, uncontested by either firefighters or a working sprinkler system. That's remarkable.

When 1 WTC and 2 WTC (the "Twin Towers") collapased, they fell at almost free-fall speed. If you want to understand why, see this discussion:

For additional useful references, go to that same page, and scroll to the bottom.

Dave Burton
Feb. 15, 2021